dress me up in versace

The more I post on street style shots - and let's face it, that IS what this blog is mainly about - the more I'm pushing the Topshop Dress Me Up event down the queue. So please click here (or scroll down) to see the original post, and spread the word. And of course: if you click here you can read all about it on Topshop's site, and see each dress & who donated it.

Top, yellow Versace dress, donated by America Ferrara, and below, some more decorations from the Dress Me Up thing, which really is just a small little world of its own, within the giant store, set up like a fantasy dressing room from the theatre. A little bit of warm yellowy sunshine, between two posts of grey. There will be more posts on this event over the next few days (you can try on, and book, til 6th December, on the lower ground floor of the Topshop Oxford Circus branch). I did promise you the shots of me squeezing myself into Jourdan Dunn's gorgeous asymmetrical Herve Leger number, and I'm nothing if not a woman of my word.


Susan said...

wow, I am in love with these photos- so cute!
have a lovely day, darling.

Anonymous said...

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