too cool for school

On Commercial Road, near Spitalfields Market. On a school day.


jennifer said...
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the style crusader said...

i love this! they look too cool for their own good!
just wondering if you ask people their permission to take their photo and to put it on your blog? am just trying to figure out the etiquette for street style photos. thanks!

Susan said...

oh wow they are definitely cool!
have a lovely day, xoxo

Jord. said...

I love the combination of what the guy in the middle is wearing, i wish i could pull off big boots & shorts.

The Photodiarist said...

Jill - I just read your "hat's off"! You are tooooo funny! Love you too!

Nice photo, BTW. Love the "mid-stride" moment.

Unknown said...

I do not know if this shot was shot intentionally or not. I am going to assume it was not intentional. All I can say right now is that I have never seen so many stylish people in a shot without even planning it that way! Even the guy getting on the sidewalk was stylish! I LOVE THIS SHOT!
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Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed, I agree with a remark about many stylish people at the same spot. This is again to envy London citizens. I mean probably if you live in stylish city, you style is developing and you feel more comfortable to try things out without being judged, as often happens in a more conservative place.
Plus of course age plays a role. I miss the days when I more cared to shock/surprise people rather than about their opinion.

By the way, British people, aren't you annoyed by grammar mistakes by someone like me?


sel said...

all of them look great!

It's just a Monday said...

yeah. these guys look pretty damn good!


daisychain said...

amazing shot girly.