For you kids out there who are blogging @ the age of 13, you might not know that reference. Then again, you wise old souls, you probably do. Marlon Brando, a Streetcar Named Desire... oh, never mind.

Just wanted to let you know on the off chance that you didn't already: Stella McCartney has done a line for the Gap, which launches today in the states, tomorrow in the UK & Europe, & the 11th in Japan (and is online now). I've always admired her commitment to vegetarianism. She never uses leather, fur, or animal products in any way. This is a big beef with me (sorry): the way real fur is bad, but leather, which we all wear without a thought... how is that not just as bad? I posted on a pair of Stella's shoes (life imitating art) and while I sometimes don't share her taste in her women's line, I really love what she's done for the Gap (which - sorry, I'm an American girl, born & bred - really is my ultimate favourite brand, and always will be. Nothing comes between me and my Gap jeans).

Even if you don't have kids, the good news is, this line is for up to 12 year olds. If I held my breath, I might just squeeze by.. damn, I could go far with the pink tutu under that fab black military jacket, and, on my feet, her fabulous black faux suede ankle booties!

Have a lovely night, boys & girls, and mind the Gap.


Pearl Westwood said...

By god I will fit into one of these kiddies jumpers LOL!
I just read your comment and it really made me smile I never thought of it like that but yes I am a 2007 Prada girl specifically LOL! The mad editorial was from Italian Vogue in 2007. We are always on the same wave length I was just writing up a post about when fashion coincides with personnal style - which is really anoyying me right now! It includes Stella McCartney - just need to find the time to finnish writing it! Ah if only blogging were part of my job description! x

Cat Ludwig Studio said...

I love the jackets! Maybe someone will figure out that there is a market for us older kids:)

Anonymous said...

What a coincidence! I was just reading Grazia (because I'm ill and it's the perfect opportunity to stock up on magazines) and saw an article about this collection - I was just about to post on it. I'm going to go see if I can get into that military jacket as well, mark my words!

Pearl Westwood said...

WOW that is weird!!! I've not come across Jack's blog before, so I just checked it out and he also posted the Tim Burton images recently too! Guess we are all on the same page!! Spooky!

Anonymous said...

at the notion of sounding sad.. went this morning before school with my mom bought everything.. :D The quality is just so good!
If you wanted the pink tutu or military jacket (I have my eye on both)
16th is the date you need for your diaries..
Nicky x

Susan said...

love those boots!

dot said...

Oh, Nicky!!! Of course. No, it's not sad at all: you should contact Stella, be like her muse ; )

Alice, hope you feel better soon - hi Cat! Susan! Pearl! x

Julia said...

I totally went into the Gap Kids on the UES the other day to see if I could fit into any of the boys stuff. Sadly I think everyone else had the same idea because everything above age 10 was sold out. haha