honey i'm on the phone

In this city, where manners count, I've developed a policy with regards street shooting: I don't interrupt people when they're on the phone. Sometimes I'll take a shot, catch their eye, smile with a thumb's up, they smile back, I keep going.

Not this guy. He saw me shoot him and said (to the phone) 'Hold on.' (to me): 'You could have asked, you know.'
Me: But you were on the phone.
Him: But you could have asked.

(Meanwhile, I'm taking another shot, and he's still on the phone.)
Me: Sorry.
Him: That's okay. Next time you just ask.

We went out separate ways, and he continued his conversation. And he was absolutely right. Next time, I'm asking!

Mr. Dot has been saying he's gonna start wearing bow ties for years. Honey, if you're reading this: little less talk, just go for it.


Pearl Westwood said...

Etiquette is a hard one sometimes! I bet if you'd have asked he'd of said ' I'm on the damn phone' LOL!

Style Odyssey said...

can't argue with that. but from our perspective, these shots are so worth it (easy for me to say, i know!) love the look, so individualized.

J, i don't think i could do what you do....walk down the street snapping shots of strangers, getting their permission (or not), striking up a conversation in that manner. i've done it in other settings, though- shot strangers, i mean. i guess i'm still shy in some ways...a hold-over from childhood. so i really admire what you do on this blog!


The Photodiarist said...

LOVE his look though! But honestly, I tend to agree with Pearl Westwood. If you had asked, he might have been annoyed!

I hope he checks out your blog and sees what a great job you did . . . He'll be calling you to do a photo shoot after this!

Unknown said...

Oh My Goodness! I had a similar type of thing happen to me! It was with my first group street style shot and they were from somewhere in Asia and I heard them talking in some other language that was not English. They were talking to their mom and then they left her. So when I finally approached them, thinking they spoke a different language, I said "Do you speak English?" They said all said "YEAH!" Also "DUH!" From that day on, I promised myself I will always assume that the person knows English. I LOVE what this guy is wearing! I would probably not wear his jeans because they're just not my style. I would wear everything else though! I hope you are doing great Jill! I haven't talked to you in a long long long time! I haven't blogged in a week, but thank goodness I will be finally posting my 100th post today!
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Lolitta said...

I do love this look..he pulls it off very well.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I heart his old school, dapper style. It's extremely unique, managing to mix the 80s (hair, of course) with Old Hollywood glamour (thanks to the bow tie).

I don't blame you for not wanting to interrupt his phone call - I'm always hesitant to do that myself. :)

Susan said...

love his style :))

sofiasophie said...

like it has the wind in his hair....

Unknown said...

I love his cardigan...

la flore et la faune said...

Very convenient haircut for phones... I must try it.

Anonymous said...

love his style !!!

Giovanna said...

Your blog is gorgeous! I just came across your blog and love it!