your eyes lie

Chris Evans - I mean, Jordan - is, like Lily the other day, a school friend of a lovely girl named Emma-Jane. They all came down from university last week to make a little documentary in London on fashion, which is how I met them (Emma had contacted me to see if I'd do an interview for it: she had been planning it way in advance). But I got sick, and kept hoping I'd be well enough, and it was down to the last possible hour before they had to go back to school, and I went out to meet them, and the camera broke.

So while they were trying everything to get it fixed, we came in out of the rain to the Bailey's hotel, to warm by the fire, and I simply had to take a few snaps of Jordan in his fabulous tee by Your Eyes Lie. You've got to love their motto: 'bad taste is better than no taste'. So true.

Jordan, aka 'Chris Evans' has a fab blog of his own, simply click here.


Jord. said...

As Emma said, i do look painfully like chris evans :( and i said before, it was an absolute pleasure to meet you.

Any chance you could link to my blog in this post Jill (:


^ i meant to be updating it everyday, but had an internet crisis at home.

Emma-Jane Allen said...

I absolutely love this. He looks the spitting image of Chris Evans.

...and don't worry Jill, I'm going back, this time with an extra battery!!

APPEAL TO OTHER BLOGGERS: anyone else interested in helping me out in the London area, please let me know :)


Cristi Silva said...

I love his shirt!!!!

Susan said...

love that tee!

dot said...

Absolutely, Chris. Sorry, I mean, Jordan! ; )

Christi, Susan, thank for your comments! & Emma-Jane, will do a proper appeal today! xx