reading the classics

Charlie and his friend Florence, came down from Cambridge when I shot them at fashion week. (He's the fashion editor for the Varsity, the 'Independent Cambridge Student Newspaper since 1947'. It doesn't get more classic than that.)

I'm posting this today because I'm very much in the mood for Charles' (& Florence's, for that matter) crisp, masculine, classic look: for me. I wonder how long this trend of women wearing men's clothing will continue. The secret to make the transition to night dressing is simply to sex it up with something: a flirty little skirt, perhaps, or a lace bra under a tailored jacket (basically, lose the shirt), but the obvious transition is change your oxford lace-ups (or, brogues, as they call them here: bit like the French calling pomme frites French fries) for some unbelievably killer heels.


Cristi Silva said...

I love dressing like a boy...fem. boy ..... I hope it lasts forever! CS

The Photodiarist said...

I think that women wearing men's clothing is not a trend. Think of Greta Garbo and Katherine Hepburn who've been doing it for sometime.

By the way, "lurve" your comments on my blog. The longer, the better!!!

To answer you question about the movies, we went to see "Women in Trouble". Quirky and not for everyone. Pedro Almodovar consulted on it, and you can see his influence.

IƱaki said...

So Cambridge, so awesome!


The Photodiarist said...

I just re-read my comment and laughed. It's not as if I don't know that Greta Garbo not alive . . . Anyway, I know you know what I mean.

dot said...

Uh, actually, PD... I don't know how to break this to you, but Katherine Hepburn.. not so alive, either.

But it's uncanny, because when I started writing the post, that WAS my intent: to mention those two specifically, as part of a long line of women dressing like men (and then to bring in the even more compelling argument about all the British men dressing like women) but then I got distracted by something, I forget which.

But yes, I kinda chuckled too when I read it. I pictured Greta & Kate running into each other at an event, Greta says to Kate 'still dressing like a bloke, I see...'

Jord. said...

He's gorgeous, and i love that kind of gentlemen style which seems to be popular at the moment.