we are all sinners, we are all saints

I've got a real dilemma here: a chance trip to meet a friend for lunch in Camden produced such a cache of shots - and THEN, I went back with my husband, Mr. Dot the next day and got even MORE - that if I just posted one a day, I'd still be working thru the pile come next Christmas. And I got such a yummy take away pad thai with lemongrass chicken in Camden Lock, that I am seriously thinking of going back Friday for more!

The thing I found interesting was, the light felt different in that part of town, and the colour palette on the people was more... colourful, certainly, than I'm seeing in the South Kensington/Knightsbridge/Chelsea area (which, in the shadow of the Victoria & Albert Museum, feels, like the railings, in permanent mourning for Albert). But it's not just bright colour: there is a lot more subtle browns, and greens.. that's it! It feels more organic there. Less crisp black and white, more subtle shades of nature, with flashes of flowery pinks, reds, purples, oranges, yellow: just like in a garden.

Case in point: Becca, who, as I later discovered when I wandered into All Saints, works there. I found her on the street during I guess a lunch break, didn't ask what she did or where she got anything (in hindsight: it does look all Saints, don't you think?). Took a few quick snaps - put her in the doorway of a tattoo parlour to get her out of the crowd passing between us - and she's just so damn photogenic, I couldn't decide. Finally narrowed it down to these two very similar shots, so you're getting both today. It's a duo kind of day. The images feel strangely religious: something about the gesture of her hand, it feels quite Christ-like. Or, Buddha.

I absolutely love All Saints: they've got two very similar large branches, in Camden and also Spitalfields: both on corners, both a real treasure trove of fashion. Before I ever went in, I had assumed it was too punk for me, too scruffy, but it's amazing: have you ever gone? Brilliantly constructed stuff, very well made, original, and something for every style type. I fell in love with some wonderful fitted Alaia-type cocktail dresses, for example. In Knightsbridge black, I might add!

Thank you all for your great comments recently. The new people who have sent links to their blogs, I'm trying to look thru them all & get back to you: wonderful stuff out there! And please do keep giving me feedback on trends... more about that shortly.

Okay, enough chit chat. The sun is out and soon as I post this, so am I. Have a lovely day, all you beautiful people!


Pearl Westwood said...

You're quite right about all saints, it does have some hiddend gems if you dont want the full on look 'saints' look. I do love their window displays.

Leah said...

Becky's smile is so infectious... and it's okay to post a duo pic. In fact with that smile, you can post any number of pics.

I'm not at all concerned with what she was wearing anymore, you can dress her in a sack and still come out fabulous... just because of that smile.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos indeed and beautiful people too. All Saints - yes, great style. Shoes are amazing. Unfortunately, I saw only on the internet on their site.


Susan said...

I love the smile :))

Cafe Fashionista said...

The first photograph truly reminds me of Sienna Miller - beatnik with a touch of feminine flair. Though my favorite look is of the girl with the black suede knee-high boots, leather jacket, and black scarf. The look is casual yet fabulous! :)

Unknown said...

Another good post!
I think the photo with the two girls is awesome, how you've doubled it and so forth.
The woman with the mac made me smile :)
Nearly lost your blog aswell, good job you left a comment.


Amanda said...

Camden Lock has some of the best food and the best style inspirations!

I love the pictures of the girls on the bridge...

Style Odyssey said...

Aside from having the cutest hair, Becca has an infectious nature about her. J, you are so adept at capturing people who seem to have a zest for life (not to mention individualistic style!)
OK...now I want her coat. :)

Cristi Silva said...

Wow what an amazing smile!!! :)

I love love love your photos, you capture the coolest people!!!!

dot said...

Pearl: hidden gems, that's a lovely way to put it. There's something about the lighting and mood of the place, it does feel very Aladdin's Cave. And now that I've discovered my latest New Favourite Place, Camden, to know there's a great big one there, too!

Amanda: that's spot on: style inspirations! Even the dummy displays on the little stalls inside Camden Lock.. just incredibly inspiring, new twists on looks.. and I can't wait to try more of the different food stalls. I keep thinking, what was I thinking all this time? I'd sort of been around Camden before, but just didn't get it: I wasn't in the right part!

J'aime: good thing I wrote that comment then ; ) glad to see you're back!

Odyssey Goddessy, thatsorad.. E @ Cafe Fashionista.. big kiss & happy thanksgiving, will write to you via your blogs, same with Susan, and Volga, I love your comments: do you have a blog? Where do you live?

feeling very thankful for your feedback xox

The Photodiarist said...

Great series!