great gams

Isn't that the phrase they would use, back in the days when women were dames?

These shoes - and sorry, I don't know who made them, does anyone else? - would be ideal for a party, no matter what the length of one's legs. I noticed that's an issue this season: a lot of women know their body type quiet well, and understand that certain footwear - booties, for example - tend to cut or shorten already short legs. I feel this would work with any length leg, what do you think?

I also like that mary-jane-with-a-heel, and black tights, randomly stuck in the shot: that's more me.

Just thinking ahead... Christmas parties... speaking of which, the lights are up @ Fortnum & Mason, already! Is it me, or is this all starting waaaaay too soon? Still, it's so nice & Dickensian.


Cristi Silva said...

Those shoes are amazing!

StyleSpy said...

I stopped into the grocery store yesterday and they were putting out Christmas stuff. Honestly, I was thisclose to hunting down the manager and complaining.

The Photodiarist said...

Style Spy: I feel the same way. Not even two days after Halloween and Santa's elves (about 200 of them) were in Union Square hyping up Christmas.

Jill: Love those shoes. To lengthen the leg, I wear tights but the bootie/bare leg is really dominating the streets these days.

Susan said...

great shoes!