everything but the glitter

It really doesn't take much to amuse me.. my latest game with myself is finding how many different ways women are wearing the ubiquitous leopard print this season. Tell me when you want me to stop, please, otherwise I'm gonna bore you to tears.

Also present in this shot: red lips, black leather biker chic (this time, in the form of her bag - the other girl's jacket is cropped out), gold studs, & white tee. We've got everything but the glitter.

Of course, I could resist posting another version of a look I've already showed you, because it's so my style I could be shooting a self-portrait. I have almost the same shoes (from NY: Barneys) & have been wearing them for over ten years, lately with black over the knee socks. I even tried finding a coat just like this and ended up going home from Portobello Road with a fabulous faux chocolate jacket, barely worn, from the 50s, or early 60s, instead. But more about that tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day.

Oh, okay, just one more: no leopard this time, just a bit of biker chic & boyfriends jackets. Preening before a party.


Anonymous said...

Yes, leopaard print again. I think I bought every piece in every color of leopard print of Maje. OK, not every, but at some point my husband stopped me from buying the same thing again. I like it. And photos are just "random" people or you know them?


Papillon said...

ooooohhh...I adore leopard <3
My favorite coat has to be the long one...it's not super long but it falls near the hips by joesph. It's so luscious! I wasn't able to find it in my size though. :( Such a shame. It's the most perfect leopard coat I've ever laid eyes on.

I don't know...I do have my eyes on a dior bag from the cruise collection with a leopard print on the front panel but I think the whole trend is quite saturated now. lol...

Anyways! Hope you're doing well Jill! xxx

Pearl Westwood said...

Zara had a gorg leopard coat just like this girls, it was almost the same as the Chloe one from last season (that had a leather trim and was amazing). I've pulled out an old cropped one I bought from Primark years ago. Your new one sounds lovely - we need to see!! x

Rosalind said...

Great new posts here.
And I don't really like animal prints that much, but I think its a really interesting project to see how different people can wear them! The two examples shown here are actually really interesting. I like the cruella de'ville vibe of that coat, but how dressed down it is by the shoes and ankle socks!
Thanks for another amazing comment that deserves a nice answer!
Its interesting to know how things change over the years re: Dads taking pictures!
And I will try and send some of those photos over the weekend of the ophelia style shoots. Are there any other you're interested in?
And I hope the sore throat is getting better.
I actually have a sore throat/ hacking cough too so I know how you feel..
I'm looking forward to organising a shoot sometime hopefully.


Unknown said...

I've just discovered via Garance Dore but I will be back ;-) love the post about the leopard print and totally in love with your shot of his beautiful girl with bare legs and brogs...she looks really cool


Style Odyssey said...

J, you can post animal print til the cows come home! it's fine with me- i never tire of it, and i bet there are others like me out there.

Hanh, Life-in-Travel said...

very cool blog!!!!

hey, thanks for stop by.
I saw the guy with CK dress, awesome!!!


The Photodiarist said...

The red lipstick (my favorite since I was 16) is everywhere! It's so classic, but it seems that for a while, the dark eye and the nude lip dominated. So, love to see the red lipstick AND the leopard (another classic and all-time fave!)

Unknown said...

Hi Jill

Thanks you so much for the great comment you left on my blog and thank you so much for adding BODIE and FOU to your fabulous blog. I've added yours too and will get in touch later on as I have to dash but I just wanted to say thank you!!


Julia said...

I've always hated animal print, I used to tease my grandmother for her tiger dress that's probably 30 years old at this point. But now I'm finding myself more and more attracted to it and I love when it creeps up a little. The coat is a bit much for my liking, but it works on the girl. The scarf on a white tee with red lips is perfect and not costumey.

Palm Beach Wedding Photographer said...

I love the concept. Some great photos with all sorts of fashion.

Susan said...

love all the photos, darling!
have a lovely day, xoxo

Nini's Style said...

WOW ! Her coat is fabi!!