I've got to take the pumpkin pie out of the oven in a minute - have already cleaned up from dinner: the best stuffing ever, excellent (if I do say so myself) roasted garlic gravy, perfectly cooked Devon free range happy clappy corn fed overpriced organic roasted garlic chicken, creamed spinach with nutmeg, homemade cranberry sauce with orange and clove... roast potatoes & carrots, braised leeks.. all this just for me, Mr. Dot, and our reincarnated cat. You can't believe the size of the batch of stuffing but let's face it: you can't make just a cupful. And it's so yummy leftover, cold, straight from the fridge!

But at the risk of burning the pie, I just had to say thank you to every one of you who has visited my blog in the past 6 or so months since I've started, and become followers, left comments, spread the word.. I know Thanksgiving is an American holiday but I've just discovered (via a wonderful chat over coffee @ Paul with two strangers, a Canadian couple who had just arrived from Heathrow) that the origins of Thanksgiving actually come from the British concept of basically celebrating getting thru anything successfully.

(Her name is Sidney, named after her grandfather, which was MY grandfather's name, and I always wanted that name for a daughter if I had one. And his name is Kelly!)

They celebrate it in Canada in October, and it comes from a British group arriving there in one piece. So I assume that basically, at Plymouth Rock, it was a one-off 'thank God we didn't get bashed on the rocks or die of scurvy on the ride over', and then the Indians came up with the turkey concept, and the idea stuck.

It's such a lovely concept: to have a day that is nothing about gifts, or bling in any way: just having that attitude of gratitude. And I am so grateful for so very much: a wonderful family who are each celebrating separately this year, with friends, with their own family, but in the knowledge that we love each other very much. Grateful to Mr. Dot, of course, and to happy memories of childhood, and my many wonderful friends, some since childhood, some just found in the past year. And grateful to our reincarnated cat, Pooh Jr!

What does this have to do with this post? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, apart from the reincarnated cat, with his chocolate brown fur to match my coat. I shot these all within minutes, as I ran from Green Park tube station to Topshop at Oxford Circle, and first thing tomorrow, I will show you why. I just had to do this really fast, because I'm just feeling so chock full o' gratitude to you all. No matter your nationality, I hope that wherever you are on the planet right now, you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Susan said...

oh... yum! :))
happy Thanksgiving!

Emma - Eating Diamonds said...

I wish we celebrated Thanksgiving :(

Leah said...

I'm grateful that I found your blog. Happy Thanksgiving!

Style Odyssey said...

I must tell you, I always ogle your shop window photos. There's something about them...the way the glass reflects back, there's always a "ghost image" of what's across the street, and you can just barely work out what's inside beyond the window display. So there's always a lot of interesting stuff going on. I don't see anyone else doing street style pics quite like yours. I think they're brilliant. :)

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Mr. Dot and that beautiful Reincarnated Cat!

thekiwibex said...

a lovely post, and i really enjoy your blog :) happy thanksgiving!

Cat Ludwig Studio said...

It is a treat to read your blog and see your beautiful images. Happy Thanksgiving from across the pond!

Amanda said...

Happy Thanksgiving :)

dot said...

Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

Emma: you CAN!! That's the whole point. I'd love to be part of a movement that turns Thanksgiving global: no presents, no commerce.. it could wipe out the entire turkey species, but could also encourage breeding more.

S.Odyssey: you've nailed exactly why I've always been shooting them (windows). I'm obsessed with reflections - on water, on anything. But the thing about the windows is, it's completely out of my control: I might frame it, but I can't control who walks or drives behind me.. it makes for some weird, and often kind of spiritual, results.

Really chuffed, thank you.

Lady Swim Suit said...

I adore this article and look very pretty pic. So gorgeous. :)

Team Inglis said...

that's so great that you made a whole thanksgiving meal! check out my blog post from yesterday... i could have used some of your spare stuffing! xx

Anonymous said...

Without having done anything particular special except enjoying the photos of your blog I have to say "you are very much welcome" to this message of thanks.
Dinner sounds magnificent!
I live in the Netherlands, we don't celebrate it here, but it sounds delicious.
I don't have my blog. Need maybe to do in order to post eventual messages. Need time.


Pearl Westwood said...

Did you shoot her too? I though she had something familiar looking about her! Please let me know the link and I will add it, shes a style star in the making!!

dot said...

Volga: I love your take on things. I've seen your comments on other blogs, too, and you just seem like a nice person, who speaks honestly. Blogs do take time, so much time, and commitment.. perhaps you're better off living your life and contributing to the general blogging community with your wonderful comments!

Team Inglis: as you know by my verrrrry long comment, I am haunted by that empty plate. If anyone is reading this, go to her (or his) blog & you'll see what I mean.

Lady Swim Suit: thank you! ; )

StyleSpy said...

Happy T-giving to you & Mr. Dot, and to Pooh! I'm a day late, but I hope your celebration was as tasty as mine (oooooooh, mygoodness I ate WAY too much).

Anonymous said...

Love the blog. :-)

The American Thanksgiving is based on the fact that the white people were starving that winter because their crops failed due to ignorance of what they were doing. The natives took pity on their sorry stupid and sometimes cruel selves and fed them any way. The natives have been regretting that kindness every since.

That is what kids here learn at any rate, but all gussied up and pretty...