more glamour please

The other day I posted one of these shots (glamour). As so often happens, some kind soul gave me an Anonymous tip off who I shot: her name is Scarlett Atienne, and, according to my Source, is 'one of the most GORGEOUS women out there with an AMAZING sense of style!!! and wait for this...she is one of the TOP DJs in the WORLD..travelling and making people all over the world happy with her Music, Style and Smile!!!!'

This is why I love facebook: within minutes, I found her page, became a fan, saw someone had told her about my blog, the link was up, I sent her a message, and now, thanks to modern technology, I can actually email her all three shots. All without leaving my sick bed. (I love how on her personal information she says 'Hi, I'm Scarlett, I'm a Rock Star' and for personal interests: 'making noise'.

There is another Scarlett, waiting in the wings: my beautiful & stylish niece. All summer, on holiday on the end of Long Island, she was doing shoot after shoot with me, working painstakingly away, like a pro: everything we did was a photo op. Only to find out after that no one will let her shots ever see the light of day, because she's 7 1/2. How can you explain to a future fashion icon that the world is simply that weird?

I've seen a lot of old fashioned, Hollywood style Glamour talk (& images) lately. That was the theme of the shoot we did a few weeks ago, and both Nini and Roz have styled & shot those themes.. it's not surprising, given our current economic climate. And a good thing, too!

There are so many ways we can bring a bit of Glamour into our hum drum little lives. Bubble baths, for starters. What have you done today that is Glamorous?

So grateful to every single one of you who has commented and sent get well wishes. And it goes without saying: all these Anonymous Tip Offs, they are much appreciated. There is so much I don't know.


Susan said...

wow, she's cool!

Jessica said...

this girl is the definition of glamour!!!