little ruby slippers

Because of the ridiculous world in which we live, Mr. Dot & I decided a while ago that, cute as kids may be, I mustn't post any (I did once or twice in early days, and some more well-known bloggers do, but this is just a policy we decided). Which is such a shame, as the most stylish people, I find, often tend to be children. Some kids, girls especially, just have an innate sense of their own style, even at this age.

But when I saw Belle - with her mom, and another mother & little girl - and I gave the mother my card, she was absolutely fine with me shooting her. It was my idea to shoot her from behind. So you can just imagine: this little girl, sweet as can be, dutifully holding her pose with her back to the camera.

I happened to shoot this on Thursday as well, when I shot Laura (altho, I'm not telling you which neighbourhood!) before I knew they were showing the Wizard of Oz today. And now, for your viewing pleasure, here's Connie, singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow:


Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed. I also point out to my husband how strange it is that the little girls without any female features can look so grazious. Is it that we are all just too fat?


Dream Sequins said...

I am personally in love with the stylings of the young Miss Suri Cruise. This girl has some of her flair. Love the little ruby slippers. My ovaries ache as I write.

The Photodiarist said...

Totally adorable. I love her love for red shoes.

Unknown said...

precious! i wish she could be my daughter's personal shopper! have you ever met a little girl whose tights didn't sag slightly at the ankles? i haven't.