I admit it: I love a good snood. Always have. But this week: maybe it's the weather right here, right now, but short of a giant poly sleeping bag, I can't think of a more covetable fashion item than the Burberry Giant Check Snood (shown here, from net-a-porter: yours for a mere £195).

Now, girls, I know what you're thinking: why can't I just do the same thing with a large scarf and some clever use of a needle and thread? It's kinda what I'm thinking (and I've got just the right moth eaten Burberry check scarf to play around with), altho I might well discover there's a reason. But somehow, this shape has really captured our collective imagination lately. Maybe it's simply the word: so Audrey Hepburn with Ray Bans. So little vintage MG rounding a sharp corner on the Riviera. What I want to know is, would a snood by any other name smell quite as sweet?


Pearl Westwood said...

Ah blog twins again, I was just giving much love to the Burberry snood, but I have fallen for the single loop one! Also re DIY snood, I just used a kilt pin to hold the ends of my Burberry scarf - works really well and no effort of sewing! This is until I can decide if I want a purple or beige snood for xmas xx

Style Odyssey said...

i've never seen this item from burberry. interesting! although, i think i'll stick with my regular burberry scarf (not that i ever get to wear it, but it's a great standby).

the style crusader said...

snoods are good. i've got two from jigsaw. the only time i've worn them pulled up over my head is when its raining... and then i definitely just look like a soggy mess, and not like audrey in the riviera! such is life in england i guess?