that warm fuzzy feeling

My sister gave me a jacket recently, in this bold fuzzy plaid boucle type material, saying 'since you complimented me in it, I thought you should have it.' It's not her, apparently, and it's not me, really, either, but there's something about that Chanel inspired feel... mine is a jacket, more like the Chanel suits (and, even with a recent revival, is still several seasons old), and granted, this one is a coat, but it got me thinking... it's a nice change from black leather or fur (faux, or no), right? Especially if worn as this girl has: simple, simple, simple, with all black, esp. riding boots.

What do you think? Do you have some item of clothing that you can't quite bring yourself to wear, but can't part with it, either?

Speaking of which, I was thinking last night, if I had to pack one small overnight bag with all the clothes I could wear for the next year, what items would I pack? If weather were not a factor (obviously, right now, I'd be stuffing a trench in). Or more precisely: if I had to live in one outfit, if my life absolutely depended on it, what would it be?

I'd definitely have to buy a new pair of shoes first, of course. And I'd stuff a few swimsuits & a pair of goggles in, in the hope that whatever my destination was, it included someplace with warm, turquoise waters..

Oh and while I'm at it, embracing the things I had doubts about: two window shots on Sloane Avenue, embracing the colour purple (top from Dior, the other.. I forget!). I promise to get someone to shoot me soon, in my old purple Claude Montana jacket, which I'm sporting a lot around town these days.


StyleSpy said...

"one small overnight bag with all the clothes I could wear for the next year..."

You're kidding, right? Oh, good heavens, that makes my head hurt.

In my coat closet I have a tan suede fringed leather coat that I have had for more than fifteen years and probably haven't worn for ten, but somehow I just can't bring myself to do away with. I need to grit my teeth and put that thing up for auction.


Rosalind said...

I understand the appeal of a jacket like that. Although having said that, I just exchanged one in autumnal shades at a clothes swap- but it wasn't really my colour or something that I might wear.
But there is something so appealing about Chanel style pieces, that classic simplicity. One thing I find it hard to get rid of? Oooh, I just generally have trouble clearing out my wardrobe. But that's because most of it is vintage..
Thanks for the email. I will try to reply either today or tomorrow. I'm just trying to do so much at the moment! And also thanks for the comment. And funnily enough, I was thinking about posting some pictures of my relatives in some of those vintage pieces at some point. great minds think alike!


daisychain said...

I kinda love that jacket.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'll be truthful...as much of a pack rat as I am, I don't own anything at the moment that I don't wear. Typically, the minute I decide that I'll never wear something again, I give it away. I just think of it as freeing up space for something more fabulous! :)

dot said...

Yes, one small bag for a year, Ms. Spy! ; )
Don't worry: it would never happen. It's just something I've been thinking about... I love the idea of being able to travel light thru the world. Actually I have a friend, an ex boyfriend, from Texas, who perhaps to prove something to himself (the family is oil money) did just that: travelled around the world for a year with a small backpack, just a few tee shirts.. I saw him pack. It was very impressive.

But Amy, surely, you must never give that jacket away! It sounds gorgeous. Can you shoot it & send me the jpg? I'd love to see it and might just post about it.

Roz, -h, daisychain, Erika, thank you all, lovely to hear from you! E, I don't think we're talking anywhere near the same degree of pack rat-ness. Mine is seriously a problem. You're right, but every time I give something away, I regret it afterwards. I know I'd be so much more free if I could just let go. Hence always trying to pack light!

the style crusader said...

i have a long (to the ankle almost) black bill blass coat. it has a half collar and is single breasted - it's really smart, but i NEVER wear it. first, it doesn't ever really get that cold in england that you need a full length coat - and second, i kind of feel like it is a bit too old for me? you don't see girls in their 20s in full length coats very often. i do like it though.

Belinda said...

Well...I have the MOST fabulous Moschino skirt that I have yet to wear, but not because its not me (it totally IS!), but because I haven't had the perfect occasion to arise yet. And I think that is a big reason why we often have fabulous things in our closets that don't get worn. I tend to hoard my favorite things too, which is another reason. :-)

As for the skirt..its two layers. The underlayer is really nothing more than a fabulous leopard print silk slip, and the overlayer is sumptuous black tulle with embroidered bunches of flowers. Oh, I really should e-mail you a photo...its my all time favorite skirt ever!

Julia said...

I really really really hate Diors windows. I can't believe they're creating these world wide [so boring, such bad wigs!] ugh.

I'm actually shooting a project based on what's the one uniform you'd wear for the rest of your life if you could. It's been really interesting to see what people are choosing to represent themselves. It can be done!