influence: the vanishing twin

This isn't the post I planned to do today: I've been storing up a whole collection of leopard print images, far too many for one post. This is, instead, about an amazing Singapore born, London based designer named Eugene Lin. I was so grateful to Jen for finding him at LFW and bringing me along to his studio a few weeks back.

Her post about him, about the concept behind his S/S 2011 collection, The Vanishing Twin, explained it so well, I felt, that I just didn't feel the need to do my own post.

And also, I was so impressed by Eugene, so inspired by the magic of the light in that studio, his intelligence and keen mind and sense of humour and irony.. as time went on, I felt I couldn't do it justice. And I had too many photos to fit in one post.. and I had done one already ('ghost in the machine')..

But the idea itself, and that day, kept haunting me, like my own invisible twin growing in my imagination. These pieces, you see, were inspired - influenced - by a rare medical condition where one's twin can develop, be absorbed, into our own bodies. Jen said her husband, Mr. Crusader, who is a scientist, was scoffing that it's not a real condition. And I was laughing when she told me because when I told Hedvig, she had looked at me in her stoic Norwegian way and said, totally deadpan: 'I know what it is. My friend had it. In her butt.' You had to be there, to know how calmly serious Hedvig can be, to know why I found that so hilarious. Or maybe I've got a really sick sense of humour.

I'm fascinated how an idea, sketches, can become a reality. Or rather, how rarely we bring our ideas to fruition, which is why I so admire those who do.

So why did I choose to finally post this today? Because I happened to see my friend Shini's post about being 'in exile' in Warsaw: Atelier Klimas (I love this girl's deadpan humour). And reading her post, the way a shot of a cup of tea could transport me to a designer's studio in Poland, influenced me to get off my own metaphorical butt and get this post done and dusted.

Can you see how even this jacket has a kind of 'twin': the vest is part of the jacket. Each piece has that element. I'd love to do a little shoot, like I did with Topshop/Goodone, because everyone I know could easily wear a piece from this collection: while it's all clearly Eugene Lin's vision, his voice, it also is versatile enough that there's something for everyone's unique style.

Is that something you'd like to see? If I can get enough interest, I'll ask to borrow some clothes.

Photos by me, apart from the shots with the model, which are by Anna Feyimi courtesy of Eugene Lin. Photos of me in the jacket are from Jennifer, the infamous, ubiquitous Style Crusader. And by the way, I'm aware it's Halloween but no one's invited me to any Halloween parties, I'm not dressing up this year, and this post wasn't intended to tie in with Halloween. Altho... in a way.. I can see the influence.


Cecylia said...

Wow I adore the twists in the dresses!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful clothes! This wrinkle-thing like Burberry's - was it an inspiration? Generally -well done!

San said...

This is really an amazing collection and background idea. I love that the clothes look totally unassuming on the hanger, but put on: Whoa! I also like the colors. So please, please, please do this shot. And thanks for this post.

I've been to the Grassi Art Fair and Designers Open today, I think you, Shini and Roz would've loved it. I'll post some stuff about it in the next week(s). Until then here are the links

Have a great weekend.

The Photodiarist said...

That knotted front dress is FANTASTIC.

daisychain said...

The simple details on these pieces are just incredible.

And, I've just finished reading Atonement. I've read it before but had lost my copy. It's one of my favourite books so I cannot thank you enough x

adrielleroyale said...

These are so beautiful, so feminie! I do like the jacket too but I've been especially interested in dresses lately :)

Matthew Spade said...

there's something about seeing pattern pieces hanging up reminds me of being at art college, i studied fashion design for 2 years. boy it was hard

Penny said...

I'm in love with the vest/jacket combo! Thanks for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

Love the knotted dresses. I've got a sleeveless version in same color by someone else it's a great look.

Eugene Lin said...

Thank you for the lovely post! In response to the comment that FIF (Fetus-In-Fetu) is "not a real condition", do visit this link to read for yourselves. http://abcnews.go.com/Health/story?id=2346476&page=1

Anonymous said...

That dress! With the twist in the middle! aovualkfdjaouflkjvoufd!! LOVE!