polka dots and leopard prints

@ Ashish.

Thank you, every person who commented yesterday, and those who sent private messages, and even those who haven't but just thought nice things: I can tell, with my psychic powers.

It's a beautiful sunny day here in London and I'm out, camera with hand, to the Marylebone area. I've got some errands and I thought I'd drop by Roz's hospital and leave her some flowers - she's probably not up for company yet. I'll get a coffee in the area so it would, indeed, be Clothes, Cameras, and Coffee.

If I see anyone stylish, I'll let you know.


the style crusader said...

such cool photos. love the movement and quirky combination of elements. those boots are amazing... would love both pieces and i think they'd be totally wearable but probably not together in real life (at least not in mine... don't think oxford is ready for a double dose of ashish just yet). xx

adrielleroyale said...

Cool dress! I love the fun pattern and the flowy fringe! :)

Susan said...

such cool photos!
thanks for coming back to my blog- yes, I was away for a while, but now am back! :)