rogue variations

Lately I've been thinking about the power of the written word, the power of images. The effect we have on each other, good or bad. We can feel when someone is angry with us, we really can feel it. It hurts us. We can also feel when we are loved.

We are more connected to each other, I believe, than we can begin to understand. It may even be possible that we can heal each other with our thoughts.

By chance, Pearl just happened to write something tonight that was exactly what I was thinking, that I was about to post about. It was in relation to Roz: "I do hope all our kind thoughts can sent positive energy to Roz and that she is back on her feet as soon as possible." And that's why I brought her hyacinths: they had no scent, but they will, in a day or so, and I was hoping that the scent would somehow help the healing process.

That's why I'm doing this post now: I want to send some positiveness Shini's way.

The thing about Shini is, she is one of the most creative, imaginative, talented people I know. She styles herself as if she were a three dimensional painting, or a composer, or a brilliant chef: she takes ingredients and whips them around and just gets the balances and proportions so right, even tho if you analyse it intellectually, it shouldn't work. When I saw her that day, what I got at first was an overall impression, and it was only as I started shooting that I realised for example, that she'd paired one top over another dress.. the sum of the parts becomes greater than the parts.

While I was going through these images of Shini the other night we were also emailing, and I realised she's going through a challenging time. I'm posting these now as a way of sending special rogue magic fairy dust good luck superhero powers. Let's see, in a week or so, if it works.

As per Shini's post of 13 October ('rogue'), her Sweater & Geometric Print top is courtesy of Urban Outfitters, dress: Primark. Khaki top: Uniqlo, bag: vintage DIYed, socks: Tabio, and shoes, Anarchy Street.


Pearl Westwood said...

What a lovely outfit so unexpected! Well I will send some positive vibes to Shini too, if there is one thing there is no limit too it is kindness xx

jill said...

How funny, Pearly: we were just commenting on each others post @ the same moment. Granted, my comment was about 27 times the size, what else is new ; )

Thank you. Totally agree. x

Penny Dreadful Vintage said...

This is a beautiful outfit; such a mismatch that shouldn't work, but totally does. I'll send over some good vibes too x

Tallulah Keats said...

Very nice pics = as per usual She looks like stylebubble

SabinePsynopsis said...

Oh, I hope it all works out for Shini! I agree, really, emotions and thoughts carry through the ether, even through the net... (How else do we make friends with someone through our blogs immediately, whereas others don't really touch us?). The one great thing is that we can stay in contact over the web these days. I'm with you on sending good thoughts.

Adorngirl said...

It's so sad that so many people seem to be going through sad times, but always trying to look on the positive side, there are peole like you sending out such possiitve vibes, that they will truly appreciate.

continue being the sunshine in the rain Jil. x

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Ah, the power of people in community & thought. Even in a virtual community of people who've never met.

I'll be emailing you shortly to join the cahoots regarding the wellness project for dear Roz.

As for this beautiful creature above: it is people who breath in art and live it that do the most powerful magic. I don't know her, but I'll send her goodness her way as well. xo. -Bella Q

Susan said...

what a beautiful, creative outfit!

ediot said...

what a fantastic outfit. i adore the difference in materials and oh- i want that cardigan so bad.
have a wonderful weekendx

Laura. said...

love this post.
Shini seems like a lovely person, although she gets a tonne of comments she makes the effort to post back to people which must take her agesssssss.


jill said...

I know: (Laura) she is one of those rare creatures: she really is such a gentle soul, has such a generous heart. But she's also got a slight edge: just enough to show she's human. It's like how she dresses: there's always a slight twist, a sense of humour. And she's just really, really kind.

So she actually comments back on people's posts? Often I'll see her quietly tapping away, something on her phone, I bet that's what she's up to! ; )

Shini said...

I actually do feel really bad when I can't get back to a lot of the commenters :(

This is beautiful Jill, thank you so much - you're always too kind to me! Ah and all that good energy tickles ;)!

Just settling here, but will be in touch soon!

Chuck said...

You seem such a generous person, Jill. It is inspiring. All the best to Roz and Shini. x