aqua con class

It's not like all I saw on the end of Long Island was white or turquoise, but I'm still in an aqua frame of mind. And turquoise. And blue. The colour of swimming pools and the sea, which, this time yesterday, I was blissfully swimming in. Both pool, and sea.

So, to extend the memory, I'm posting a shot of Sarah, brown bagging it on Jobs Lane in Southampton in a turquoise dress from the lower east side of Manhattan, to match her eyes. And she was sitting right by this shop.

So we're back in London, with our cat, Pooh (his real name is Tigger but he's clearly reincarnated from our previous cat, Pooh, so the name's stuck), kind of nibbling my foot in purring contentment as I post this. He's in remarkably good shape considering he fell three floors from the window of our friends Claudia & Steve's flat, where they so kindly were looking after him. What was he thinking! Perhaps it knocked some sense into him. As my mom said: he's got 8 lives left at least (7, if you count his previous incarnation).

There was some great style @ JFK and on the flight & on the street since we landed this morning: as I expected, there's already a kind of back to school, fall is in the air feel to the way British girls are dressing: lots of black, short tight black mini dresses with leggings and those fabulous super high heel boot things that I"ve been seeing on bloggers like Nini with her zip up Givenchy booties, (similar but different pair shown here), ANY of Karla's shoes, Thumblina's YSLs, -h from pret a porter p, any of Jane's sea of shoes, Erica @ fashion chalet, not to mention lynn of all things nyc, who always has some great black killer heel look going.. you get my drift. It's created a need in me: if I have that silhouette, I won't need any new clothes. I just want the mad height.

But at the AIRPORT?? These girls were clearly only carrying, at best, one small carry on, with wheels, not lugging, as I was, a laptop, bag of four plastic bottles to fill with tap water, my two cloth Accessorize bags (one, aqua, above), filled to bursting with cameras, jumpers and various layers of clothes, reading material, rocks & shells from the beach..

Still, as Dorothy, another high heel shoe wearing icon, would say, there's no place like home.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I agree, mad height would be divine (I'm only 5'1 1/2, so I feel your pain). Unfortunately, I'm a sucker for comfort, and a subscriber to the I-Can't-Wear-Heels-Without-Breaking-My-Neck club. Therefore, I must suffer in short silence stature! :)

style odyssey said...

wonderful post.
1. i'm happy tigger ("pooh") was ok. cats!! he's gorgeous, by the way. a long-haired chocolate-colored kitty...wow.
2. one of my favorite aqua shades is a softened teal, like the color sarah is wearing.
3. i've been obsessed with black ankle boots for a while now....even bought several versions last fall & winter: zip-up, cut-out, open toe...now i'm set for a while! new clothes? nah...probably not. the boots are more than enough to change up a look, keeping things fresh and current. i hope you find the perfect pair(s)!

Unknown said...

The womans dress at the top is so beautiful! Even it being simple...it is still gorgeous! I feel bad for the cat, but at the same time I find the story really funny! Why would a cat ever do that? Wow. I have to agree though...there is NO place like home. So your back...how do you feel?
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Rosalind said...

Great post! Amd dorothy's shoes are so classicly beautiful.
Thankss for the incredibly lovely comment! Its so lovely logging on to my account and recieving those comments.

I've given you a blog award, have a look :)


Sara said...

hey nice blog!!

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kisskis sar(italy)

Dream Sequins said...

It's so silly that I think a 5 inch heel with platform is no de rigeur. But I do! I have these Chanel ballerina heels that I bought in 2002-- they were my big splurge back then at $500. Recently, I brought them out again and couldn't believe how short and dated they felt... They are about 4 inches high and I used to think they were fantastically high. Who knew that shoes would reach such epic heights?

StyleSpy said...

POOH!! So glad he's okay!! The balcony on my second-floor apartment is swathed in plastic netting because I'm so paranoid about Shine going through the railing.

I bought a pair of cheapie mad-height ginormous semi-bondage-y shoe things this weekend, but I wore them at home for five minutes & put them immediately back in the box (owie), so I'm also on the lookout for something like this.

Lynn said...

hi there jill! how are you? heels are a killer. you love them but you hate them as well. you love how they make you look. but you hate how they make your feet feel. haha. i really like the givency(?) booties you have here, the one with the side zipper.

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

I agree with Lynn. I do have a love/hate relationship with high heels. And I grumble every time I see a pair of sky-high heels that I want to buy. Why, why?! I ask myself. I've found the solution: 1) buy a pair with platforms so the most you are actually enduring is 3 1/2 inches and 2) carry around a pair of flats...or better yet, WEAR the flats around town and change to heels when you're at work or a party. Is that insane or what?!

Lynn said...

thumbelina! you nailed it right on the head. that's what i usually do. on weekends when my hubby and i do the "shoot" i always have my flats with me. just in case, my feet get sore and my heels get ruined. it's really crazy but im glad im not the only one. haha.

Flat Foot Dot said...

That's what I do, too. And lately, it seems I'm out more during the day than at night anyway.. I still love the look for day, but I really do pound a lot of pavement, and I can't go more than a block in heels.. I tried walking thru Hyde Park one time recently, and just had to switch (I really did try). That was the day I wish I'd caught a shot of a beautiful girl, walking on pavement in the park, BAREFOOT, heels in hand, like some kind of modern day variation on Cinderella.

TF: that platform concept - height without the extreme heel/toe ratio - makes sense, mathematically. And Lynn, I agree: it's really a love/hate thing, innit? : )

That's going to be the next look, I guarantee: instead of carrying designer IT bags, we'll all be roaming around in ballet flats & flip flops, carrying our designer shoes in our hands. I recently saw Sophie Coppola's great Marie Antionette again, with my mom, and saw them oohing and aahing over feather hats, shoes of course, and fans.. because of course, those girls didn't carry handbags. But one's designer fan as the object of envy, and desire.

Hard to believe men think us frivolous creatures.