cool pool blue

Ladies Who Lunch, circa 2009. Southampton. (Tamara, Tris, and Sarah May).

Along with white, black, and grey, 'pool blue' (I've just coined that)- a kind of true, cool, pure blue, sometimes paired with pure aqua, is currently my favourite colour this summer. (Actually, black, white and grey aren't really colours, so that pushes it to my number one Favourite Colour slot. What's YOUR favourite colour this summer?


Nini's Style said...

Hi Jill-

How are you love?

Love all the photos you captured there. It's very candid and soft.
Thank you so much for your suggestion and I'll keep that in mind ;). It's sound like a great idea.

I'm glad you like it ;)

Stephanie said...

Love all the blues. :]

I don't really have a favorite color for summer, but I've been wearing a lot of black and nude paired with neon shades of yellow, blue, and pink.

Hope things are going well!

Lynn said...

hi jill! blue is definitely one of my favorite summer colors. up there with yellow :)

yes, definitely send us a message when you come in the city. i would love to meet the person behind these gorgeous pictures!

hope you'll have a great weekend!

modediktat said...

Dear Jill,
it's my first visit on your lovely and most stylish blog! I'm coming via Michael, the unique TrendyDwarf - and I cannot believe that I've missed your blog for such a long time.... (Btw - CONGRATS to the award!!!)
Okay, happy to have found you TODAY :-D
I will add you to my blogroll today so I can check back often!
One of my dreams is to visit the Hamptons one fine day. I enjoyed to watch your pictures very, very much!
Mmmmhm, let me think - I've enjoyed navy blue this summer, apart from light grey and beige, oh and rasperry !!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!!
xoxo sofie

dot said...

Stephanie: funny you said that because you're in the states, right? Those colours are the same in the UK. I was curious if region had anything to do with trends and while it's true that there are a lot of 'stylish' people in London, I'm finding that here at the end of Long Island, the colour choices are similar. I LOVE black with nude (& ballet pink) and have for years, and this year black is so great with neon. That, and that cool blue, are the best of the 80s. I could live without red, shoulder pads, and bubble skirts tho : )

Sophie: freaky that you said that, because I swear, I was just posting the shot of Ali, in raspberry, when you sent this!

Wishing you ALL a wonderful weekend, and Lynn, thank you, hope to meet you if I come in, and Nini, thank you, hope you're having a great day!


style odyssey said...

heavenly lush color, "cool pool blue"! i like your description; it fits.
my favorite summer color: it's usually turquoise, the color of the skirt, last pic.