jesus rocks

Jesus Rocks, and Louis is everywhere. Louis Vuitton, that is. I don't know why: could be a random coincidence, but it seems like everyone I've come across recently is sporting a classic LV monogram bag, in varying shapes, forms, and sizes. Any idea why that is? Is it just me? I thought IT bags were so over, and it was meant to be all about shoes. But maybe that's the point: when the economy is in meltdown, perhaps people stick with what is safe, and there's nothing more classic (apart from a Tiffany engagement ring) than a LV

When were at the coast yesterday, freezing on the shore near the White Cliffs of Dover, I read a brilliant article in the London Times Style section, by Shane Watson, called the new trend for wearable clothes. It's so what I've been thinking for a while, and couldn't have said it better myself. I'd so love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Love this girl's fringe top with the studded 'jesus rocks' suede belt and denim skirt. They were having such an intense chat - about boys, I'm sure - that I didn't want to interrupt with a posed shot. I prefer un-posed, frankly. Photo taken in Hyde Park, near the Serpentine.


Cat Ludwig Studio said...

I've had such fun reading your blog and enjoying all the wonderful images you've captured. Love your photography! I feel like I've taken a trip without leaving Kansas:) Can't wait to see more.

Jill, thanks for adding us to your nice things list!

Lynn said...

hi jill! i know about the LV stuff. i was a collector before but not so much now... since i transitioned to shoes. but i still wear the LV stuff since i already have them.

hope you'll have a great week ahead!

Cafe Fashionista said...

That fringed top is divine. So are these pictures. Gorgeous post as always, darling! :)

Dream Sequins said...

I think a lot of women are "shopping their closets" and using their classic LV bags, because they are seasonless. Maybe a bit boring, but definitely a classic. The other day, I pulled out an old Fendi baguette to wear. LOL! I don't have the money or time to find myself a new designer bag, so I'm recycling old looks. Which is fine by me... More money for shoes. Love that fringe top.

dot/jill said...

Shopping their closets: that's so well put! I was asked by a German ad agency recently, my thoughts on UK trends, and one of the things I felt is that while women are into glitter & sequins and sparkly stuff, it's like it's finally become cool to not want to go crazy with spending. There's a lot of pride, I find, in spotting someone on the street with a great look and she'll say 'this is high street, this is from a thrift shop, this was my grandmother's...' there's so much waste in the world, it feels nice to be swapping stuff around. Shop their closet. I like that!

Thank you all - hi Lynn! - will visit & comment soon, gotta run right back out.

Liv said...

This is so true :) Your blog is great and your photography is amazing! What camera do you use?
That girls fringe top is gorgeous.