babes off the bike

Last, glorious, Sunday, when I swam in the Serpentine and it felt like the whole world was gloriously happy, I shot these two friends wearing clothes from, left, Spitalfields Market and right, from a shop somewhere in Shoreditch. It was such a fun little photo shoot - I wish I could post all four shots, they're a delightful little 'film' - that I forgot to write down their names, and it's flown right out of my head. Hopefully one of them will get in touch.

Didn't even realise til I looked at the shots, they've got helmets, so presumably they'd cycled over in flip flops. Still, it qualifies for the babes on a bike series, in a way, no?

Off to the beach - meant to be freezing so wearing a soft grey cotton knit hoodie (vintage, as in I've had it forever) paired with soft grey velour sweatpants, and thick socks. Have a lovely Sunday, wherever in the world you may be! xoxo


Rosalind said...

I like that stripy pink t-shirt dress. I like the way the patterns of the two separate pieces clash. Not sure I'd want to be cycling in flip-flops though!
Thanks for your lovely long comment! Thats really interesting that you had the dress made without the crinoline. (I think it's be more than a little weird if you'd had it made with it!) Its so nice to get comments such as yours about my drawing style. Makes me smile (:


style odyssey said...

i really like that zebra tunic with leggings. and cycling in flip-flops: these two look free-spirited enough to do that! although maybe they had some sensible cycling shoes in their bags.
i just noticed the silver flip-flops (girl on the right)...they must be those new havaianas which wrap around the back of the foot. i've been wanting to try those...the regular havaianas don't fit my skinny feet!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I love the chic casualness of their ensembles. So perfect for a lazy bike ride! :)

Diary of a Young Designer said...

Love how simple yet stylish they look, seems like they were having an awesome time. Loving the pink striped shirt.