homage to bill, in white

Ever since I was a girl, I looked forward to the Sunday Style section of the NY Times to see the 'on the street' column by Bill Cunningham. He's actually the reason I started this blog. Over the years, I've had friends who have been shot by him, or have met him from the fashion shows, but I haven't - yet- had the honour myself. And yet I feel like I know him, grew up with him, and he just seems like the nicest, genuinely nicest man.

So today, sitting on the deck watching the calm water of the Sound, I was moved to see that his piece today was on white, specifically 'eyelet' and crochet, because that's what I've noticed recently, too (see Queen Anne's Lace, 9 August). I've been wearing a white eyelet bikini with turquoise lining, which I'll shoot for you tomorrow. The crickets are singing loudly, the fireflies are dancing just outside the porch, and I've come back from a twilight sunset swim while my husband was fishing, with my brother and niece. There are so many photos I'd like to post, but as that other great Scarlett said, tomorrow is, after all, another day.

These are just some random samples of many white crochet or eyelet sightings I had on the street in Southampton, purely coincidental (or is it?) which I am posting as an homage to the Great Man himself.


style odyssey said...

all white seems to be everywhere lately, in fashion and interiors! this trend is very pleasing- a fresh alternative to so much black we are bound to see, come fall and winter (not that i mind all that black, on the contrary..but variety is a cure for boredom, no?)

my friend helen just gave me a flow-y white dress. i call it my south beach dress...must make a 'so-be' post soon.

a white eyelet bikini w/ turquoise lining? sounds so pretty!

sophie la-la-la x said...

love the dress, looks stunning on you! I'm a bummer for lace at the moment - especially white lace. Have just bought a lace cardigan which has quenched my obsession for a while! hehe
please visit my blog -

sophie x

dot said...

hi sophie, can't take credit for the dress, as it's not me: just a random girl on the street! : )

stephanie: (mrs odyssey) it's so funny you said that about interiors, i love white interiors & my niece & i were talking about how much we love white sheets & bedding.. i've been thinking of doing a post on it. oh, and i shot the white bikini, that will be up soon as i upload the shots (so different than when i shoot in film & have to get it developed etc, but i'm still shooting with the film camera because i prefer the quality).

sophie: i don't know what it is with white lace, crochet, knits @ the moment! i'm in much that mood, too. did you see pearl from 'fashion pearls of wisdom's blog? naomi campbell's top with the cow leggings?