cool couple

Posting this on the most perfect summer evening: Mr. Dot has arrived & we're heading down the 177 faded grey beach steps down to the beach below, to fish at sunset. But before I go, I had to post some shots I took of a couple I met in London, what feels like years ago. It was June, on that rare few days of the heat wave, and I remember thinking at the time that Francesca's long dress reminded me of diving into a cool, blue pool, which is exactly what I was doing a few hours ago.

Francesca and Jason are now back in the states, in separate cities, and I hope things work out for those two, because I've never seen a nicer couple, or one more in love. So here's to endless summer, and living happily ever after.


Stephanie said...

That is a lovely color for a dress. And the accessories are nice too!

Oana V. said...

Such a warm and sweet post with wonderful summer holiday pics.

Bette V.

Cecilia Villamil said...

hi Jill,
the color is perfect, I want to share with you and celebrate this photo, telling you,since 7 years ago the man of my life live in London and I live in Buenos Aires, and we have a beautiful daughter, which is a continuation of our love!!!

Unknown said...

I love the pictures! The shots and editing are so amazing! I agree with you about the Happy Endings and Living happily ever after idea! Haven't talked to you in so long! I have been tweeting and keeping up with my posts! Hows NY treating you?..Or are you back in London?
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StyleSpy said...

Oh, how lovely. They are adorable, and very glad your Mister has joined you as well. I thought you must be missing him. How much longer are you in the States?

I V Y said...

love your dress!

TheSleekGeek said...

oh i love swimming too!But i can't even tho my frd's taught me for a million times haha but i do enjoy swimming haha
arghhh my results sucked, luckily, i still could get into a school, i'm gonna start my brand new sch year soon! (1/9) looking forward;)

btw, i love this post, theyy're so sweet and the girl looks great in that dress!

Pearl Westwood said...

Really love the first shot how you did the checker board thing!!!