blue skies

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It's late, the crickets are singing softly outside on the bluffs, my husband and brother are already asleep and my mom is quietly watching TV on close caption as I post this. We just got back from a simply wonderful BBQ that our friends Tim and Caryn threw in Locust Valley (Long Island) at their beautiful house. Saw great friends, really really nice people, some from childhood, didn't want to leave, and now before I go to sleep I want to post a shot of a new friend that I met at Paul, my favourite local bakery in London. Ginerva is Italian & I can't wait to introduce her to other really lovely Italian friends in the neighbourhood. Her leggings are from H&M. I just love that colour blue, the colour of my favourite flowers, hydrangeas, and blue skies.

The cool look of layering tee shirts and pairing it with a long string of pearls and fringed bag - just looked so great and summery to me.

Okay, off to sleep, perchance, to dream.


christine said...

Love Paul's bakery. James and I love it even more in Paris. There's one close to our hotel we stay at all the time....fresh food like homemade pizza, delicious salads and of course the pain au chocolat.

dot said...

Christine! How lovely to see this from you! I miss you. Will send you a message via fb x

Anonymous said...

nice style ..
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style odyssey said...

lovely blue hues! so soft and dreamy.

Vicki said...

Beautiful photos as usual! :)
i put up a photo of blue hydrangea from my garden in my last post!
much love from Ireland xx

Anonymous said...

It was great seeing you Jill. We had a lot of fun. ~ Caryn

dot said...

Oh, thank you, Caryn, it was a wonderful night. Will call you tomorrow.

Vik: Hope you're feeling better, & will check out your blue hydrangeas, too!

Stephanie: thank you! Are you home in the BVI, or still travelling?

Elena, will indeed check out your blog, thanks for visiting!