too hot to shop

After yesterday's posting, I really didn't want to put a new shot up and knock Kari out of the top slot (it's not just that she's pretty, girls, it's that she's REALLY NICE: I always feel beauty comes from within, and style, as I said to Kari, is an extension of our soul, in a way). And I know that, like following Woody Allen in his heyday at a stand-up comedy show, Kari is a hard act to follow.

SO, I'm giving you today a shot that I took minutes later (or earlier) on the same day: two girls in an empty Southampton shop. (Everyone else was presumably at the beach). I was very moved by Nini's post yesterday, that she's on a shopping 'freeze' (apt term), to save for a trip home to Vietnam. I know we'll all shop again, but in keeping with today's climate (both financially and literally), and since altho I've got lots of great style shots with colour but am still in an all white mood, I'm going to just post this, and then dive into the pool (in my white turquoise lined eyelet string bikini), as we leave in only TWO DAYS : (

(Note in the top shot, I didn't realise but the white girl's reflection is in the mirror on the left. And in the close-up shot, she is literally pulling her own face off, from the sheer boredom).


Cafe Fashionista said...

I quite love these shots. They're almost a juxtaposition of one another. A parallel world of sorts. Especially due to the fact that you can see the reflection of the girl in the white dress on the opposite side of the room. Very nice. :)

Unknown said...

I agree with your idea of beauty! So true. Is that an office? Because if it is...it's the best office I have seen so far! Oh, so summery! Now at the end of summer is when we begin to feel summer actually start! I can't stand when people say "As summer end and we approach fall...," it's like ummm shut up! I don't want to think of fall when summer has only just begun! Anyway. Amazing shots! I have been so behind on my blogging and commenting because I have been out actually taking so many streetstyle pictures like I had originally intended for my blog! It's been super amazing! I finally saw you posted and decided to comment.
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nycrun said...

i agree with above

modediktat said...

Hey girl, how was the flight back home?
I hope all is well and you're recovering the weekend at home from jetlag (I hope it's not too tough).... I enjoyed the pictures of your time in Southhamptons so very much, dear! It was a little bit like being there, too....
I like the picture of the two girls in the empty shop. Very great catch of a moment! Love the interior of the shop - amazing!
The picture of the girl on the right could be used as THE perfect synonym for the actual worldwide economic crisis, too ;) There is a lot of change going on everywhere and also in the fashion industry. We will see a few labels dying, too.
Wishing you a relaxing Sunday back at home!
xoxo sofie