grey's anatomy (losing my religion)

Lisa and Julie, in Southampton, in the same grey dress, different tones, by James Perse. That's me in the corner (losing my religion). Now I can't get that song out of my head, and if you click here, you won't, either.

It's funny: they're such nice girls and the dress is great, but - this is how much light affects me - I'm just not lovin' grey on hot sunny Long Island in August they way I loved it in rainy London in July. It hasn't captured my imagination now the way it did then, altho, with fall just around the corner, I know I'll be loving it again, when I'm back in that London light.

What do you think? Are you feeling the grey today, or the white? Or something else entirely? : )

It's funny about Grey's Anatomy: I love the show and haven't been able to see it in London, so was really excited to be able to take it out from the library out here on the North Fork. But haven't had a chance to see it, and we leave tomorrow. Oh, and it's also on TV tonight.


style odyssey said...

ahh, a little REM...i have every one of their cds.
james perse is a personal favorite...that line has such simple, casual, timeless apparel. these gray dresses are so my style! lisa and julie are gorgeous! the dresses really flatter them.
gray...i'll wear it, sunny day or not. and sometimes with a pop of orange or bright red.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Gray is one of the most versatile colors in the fashion-sphere. I consider it just as much a necessity as black or white to any wardrobe! :)

Nature Graffiti said...

i love grey...
as a matter of fact, nearly everything i own is grey, black or white.
haha - loving the blog, though!


dot said...

i'd never heard of james perse til i met them, so i learned something new. he must not have come to the uk - yet.

i'm realising that a lot of film stars wore grey in the days of black & white films, even when not being filmed. it makes sense: if you wear pastel, and your world is colour (i thought, as a child, that the world just WAS black & white in the olden days) then you might be surprised when the film is made. but with grey, you'd have more of an idea how it would look. and there are infinite range of tones, warm, cool, dark, light.. what fascinated me about lisa & julie was how they chose shades that were flattering to each of them.

there's a grey for every gal! (& guy : )

modediktat said...

James Perse is amazing! Love his simple and casual items so very much! The perfect addition to every wardrobe - just a dream! You couldn't go wrong with James Perse at all!
xoxo sofie

dot said...

(Sophie) It's funny that I never heard of him before (JP) but now, I bet I start seeing his designs in other places.

-h: I agree! I hope one of them (or both) will contact me so I can ask where they got them, or more about them. I don't know if they're sisters, friends.. they look similar. And I'm just noticing: they've got the same watches, too!

I love the way when I complimented them on their dresses, they smiled and said in unison: 'They're the same dress! James Perse!'

Thanks for your comments : )

Unknown said...

every one is talking more about dresses than the show . i just love to watch Grey's Anatomy and my concentration is more on the story than dresses of its characters but i cant deny that good dresses makes the difference