slip splash dior

Everything is connected, especially in fashion trends. Or memes, as an old (young) boyfriend used to call them. Ideas that seem to come to us and take a life of their own, like finding out that everyone you know around the world decided to wake up that morning and wear black and white. Or wear their underwear as outerwear, a phrase I've been using in the past few months and which Nicky of Lips of London referenced in her BRILLIANTLY WORDED POST on the recent Paris shows, from which I lifted this gorgeous fifties inspired Galliano number for Dior.

I had found a lovely example of this underwear-as-outerwear on a girl in the Tate, but it was a bit soft. Then I wore a slip for a week, and shot myself in the leg (slip splash). I'm looking forward to this filtering down to the high street, but between us girls: you've already got all the material you need right there at home. In your lingerie drawer!



Wow, thanks :)

I was at my Grandmother's place it's her pool- we were brought and so we did a shoot (my husband & I)

I always wanted to find out my numerology number too and have my palm read...


Constance M. said...

I LOVE the picture !!

Polished Sense said...

I love that picture by the pool!


Anonymous said...

Wow love the dress /bustier - great idea about the slip jill

Mom Fashion World said...

hi jill!
how are you?

i love the idea of wearing bustier as a top
but will not look good on me though.

gorgeous pic by the pool!

amoramor said...

liked itt

Vicki said...

Hi Jill!
Thank you so much for your lovely get well comment on my blog :) I have made such great friends through blogging and you are definitely a great friend :)
Much love from Ireland! xx

Arushi Khosla said...

Three Words- Dior OH MY GOD.
Okay, so that's four ;P

Anonymous said...

The Dior collection was sick. The giant bows were amazing.