me, me, me (what's your style)

Someone asked me yesterday on my comments, what's my style? This is kind of me (well, it is me): simple, almost tom boyish altho I'm not at all tom boyish. The pizza & salad are on the deck and people have started eating and my husband, Mr. Dot, is leaving in 15 minutes to this great fishing place we found the other day, with or without me, so I'll have to explain the story of who shot this, and why, later. It was on Jobs Lane in Southampton.

Speaking of comments, I realise I don't get as many as other bloggers - my 'real' friends (vs my new blog-friends) don't really comment, altho they claim to look at my blog, and like it - but I want you to know how much I cherish your comments and feedback!

So: what's YOUR style?

. . .

p.s. update: the place we rushed to, by the way, which we expected to be so tranquil and gorgeous, was filled with people of all ages, swimming & partying & hanging out and enjoying their Saturday night. Very Pottersville, but lovely (but not to Mr. Dot, who wanted to fish. As he said: 'Some of them were swimming in their underwear', not a good look). I might post the shots later.

So to update my style: lots of vintage, either bought @ charity shops or items I've saved from being a teenager. I also wear several dresses I had made by a dressmaker of fabrics I chose - very simple, Jackie O, sleeveless boat-neck dresses. My style is pretty plain, lately pale pastel but also a lot of navy/black, beige - typical Virgo. Audrey Hepburn circa 1963.. with a twist.


Pearl Westwood said...

So nice to see that lovely smile for real, and not a hidden reflection!! You look like a total beach babe! I have no idea what words describe my style but then those who read my blog decide for themselves, tshirt leggings and heels is a fav and what I am wearing right now! x

christine said...

I read your blog all the time Jill...just don't comment all the time.

I think my style is a bit of vintage, preppy, tom-boyish and bohemian. Albeit my closet is rather empty...but this is what I'd dress like if I could.

It looks like you are enjoying your summer.

Lacey Starr said...

I check this blog nearly everyday but I may have only commented once or twice. Maybe your fans are just shy? My style...currently....hmmm. I guess it's kinda girly vintage but modern coupled with putting together random things from the wash or the floor? I guess that's not a style haha

style odyssey said...

beach babe! i knew it (judging from your blog text and our correspondence)! this may be odd but i am drawn to the color of your flip-flops...an elusive lavender w/ greenish-clear straps? they're pretty. and i love the soft pink sweater.

i think you know my style: it's somewhat eclectic but simple...mostly edgy w/ a bit of glam...or "lush-minimal" (not my term).

my "real" friends vs. blog friends don't comment, either. i don't think they even look very often--most of them don't get blogging at all, and it doesn't help that i can't explain its appeal in words.

ok, all for now...i'm going to read the lovely comments people have made here..

style odyssey said...

just read your style update...
re: your tailor-made "jackie-o" dresses--now that is what i call classy personal style, timeless and ladylike--love it. :) (that silhouette is so flattering..i have a couple myself, 'though not tailor-made.)

Stephanie said...

I love your style. It's so casual chic. Which imo is the best style to have. You always look good, but never over-done.

My style...can be described as a mod hippie 80's lover, with a dash of bob dylan, and a smidge of indie, (but cool indie, not the lame fake glasses wearing ones. ;]), and topped off with a pinch of 20's sophistication.

Pretty much anything vintage or 60's. I have an obsession with that decade. I like to pretend I'm going to woodstock. Except I wash my hair. ha ha :]

Anonymous said...

i love your blog!! my style is little black dresses, plain white tees, heels and bling!

Anonymous said...

p.s i love your cute little shorts!

dot said...

Wow! This is such a fun exercise! I want to be mod hippie 80s lover with a dash of bob dylan etc (we were playing dylan driving thru farmland earlier, buying corn at my favourite road stand and local tomatoes etc).

I love all these comments - thank you! - and love the idea also of 'llittle black dresses, plain white tees, heels and bling!'

Just back from swimming in the sea - at sunset! - will upload and post it tomorrow, meanwhile just going to post something quick.

Such a good question, I've gotta go back and find out who asked it and started the style ball rolling!

night night blog friends : )

Macy said...

The style in my head is hardly ever the style on my back!
Preferred style would be plain colours rather than patterns, with up to the minute flourishes.
In practice here in Scotland, I seem stuck in jeans and wellies. What with it being summer and all......

Lynn said...

hi jill! it's great to finally see you! :) looks like you are having a great time in long island(?). i love your happy bright smile.


Ana Frost said...

:-) Nice to meet you by virtual.
My style is classic and casual chic,I love the basic like white, beige, black.
To my acessories I prefer more other colors.

Anonymous said...

lovely soft look, great blog !!!
greetings from spain.


Mrs. Dot said...

Thank you all! This is so interesting, hearing about all your styles and seeing new blogs. Keep 'em coming!

I realised in this shot: my husband, Mr. Dot, has always said that I've got 'baggy knees' but I never noticed it til now. Well, no one's perfect. ( ;

The Photodiarist said...

Polka Dot (Jil) -- I love your blog and read it all of the time. Every day. I try to comment as much as I can because I know how much it means to get comments. It is one of the ways that we can see that we are actually making a connection! Anyway, it's great to see you. Love your style. Simple and pretty. The old school raybans are awesome!