luke the lifeguard, and his first save of the season

(LIFEGUARD UPDATE: ever since I've posted this, I can't get this song out of my head. Open another window, and check it out. It's listed as 'worst 80s video ever' but I can't stop singing it!)

I wasn't actually at the pool during the Frog Incident, but according to my fabulous niece and best friend and pretend sister, Scarlett, who turned seven and a half last Monday (we're still celebrating), there was this frog in the pool, and Luke, the Lifeguard, saved him. Afterwards, or so the story goes, he was quoted as saying it was his 'first save of the season.'

My husband, Mr. Dot, was impressed with his headgear, which is fashioned from a sleeve of a tee shirt (I think it might actually be a sweatshirt), in this season's colour du jour, gorgeous grey. I wouldn't be remotely surprised if I find a sleeve missing from my husband's tee shirt sometime soon.


Unknown said...

Hahahahahahahahahaha! That last line of the story was so funny! How's vacation treating you? Because by what you make it seem...it really sounds like a ton of fun! Are you still in NY?..Or have you gone to London? First save of the season...a frog?! Hmmmm...I am not sure what to really say! Hahahahahahahahahahaha! I have always kind of wanted to own some item of clothing preferably a tee shirt or sweatshirt with the lifeguard thing on it...I think it would look cool!
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Mrs. Dot said...

Still in NY.. having such a good time it's hard to find time to post, but I try!!

Mr. Dot is disappointed that there's only one comment on this posting, as he commissioned the shot : ) - I think it's great, too, and am glad that if there's only one comment, it's from you!

How are you? Will comment on your blog, in case you don't see this..

Anonymous said...

Jill-what a cutie! love the comment about Mr. Dot's tee shirt as well.
btw: just got off the phone with Shawn (from London) who is living in Texas. Shawn was kind enough to help me with a disput from Amer. Express...I was on your site at the time and thought she might like to check out fashion and other photos from back home....
Heading to NY tomorrow

dot said...

Still can't believe that hardly anyone commented on Luke the LIfeguard's great hat! Even with my link to the 'I Wanna be a Lifeguard'?? Which I've been singing, by the way, ever since.

'I... wanna be a lifeguard... I... wanna guard your life.'