It's not like all people are wearing this week on the end of Long Island is white, but it's finally a heat wave, baby, and that's all I'm wearing! As my niece Scarlett said: we love white (in bedding, as clothes, as pjs) because it's so cosy, so comfy (her two favourite words).

Met Kari in Southampton and she's just the nicest girl. I think this is the perfect summer look: white cotton lace, white flip flops, sunglasses, and a blue bicycle. I asked if she was a model (no), works in the industry (uh, no).. you'll never guess what she is: a psychologist! I don't know why that blew me away: she could have just as easily said 'brain surgeon' or 'astronaut'. It made me realise that even little old me, who thought I was above pigeon-holing people, made assumptions about her simply because she's blonde & beautiful. And she's not just brainy: she seems to have real insight into people. She's just absolutely, perfectly lovely in every way.

Sorry for the lame title, it must be the sun, my brain's starting to melt. So many great photos, so little time... it's another perfect summer day & I've gotta go swim. More later! xoxo


style odyssey said...

this is one of your best photos ever. everything about it is "sunshine"...the title is far from lame.
enjoy the perfect summer day!

Macy said...

Sunshine!! I think I come to this site as much to escape from the scottish summer as admire the photos!

Anonymous said...

Oo, she looks adorable and i love her bike!

Rosalind said...

I love it! Perfect for summer. And I've often said that if I didn't want to be a fashion designer, I'd love to study psychology.. Its so interesting.
And I agree, that much money for a prototype is faintly ridiculous. But it stillsounds like a great furniture idea.
And we were in the gwynedd area,I think? Where you went sounds lovely. I think some parts of wales are so stunning. Perfect for photography! ;)

modediktat said...

Hey sweetie!
How are you and how was the weekend?

Mmmhm... I fell in love with that picture!
It's the perfect easy + stylish Summer look!
Loving her dress (looks like Melissa Odabash tunic dress <3 ) and the flipflops and even Scott Schumann would be envious that you've found the perfect Summer babe on a bike instead of him. Hehe...
Happy Tuesday to you!
xoxo sofie

Cafe Fashionista said...

I love her even more because I am a Psychology major. She's simply divine - her frilly no fuss frock, her flip flops, her bike. J'adore everything about her and this picture! :)

Nini's Style said...

That's a beautiful photo of Kari :-). White is a great color to wear for the summer time.
How are you doing Jill? Thank you So much for the beautiful compliments on my post. You're the sweetest person ever and I wish you the best of everything in your life.
Have a beautiful day,

I V Y said...

just discovered your blog :) i love any blog that has got something to do with street style!

Anonymous said...

This is Kari. Thanks for the sweet comments from others and for the nice commentary, Jill. It was great meeting you en route to the beach that day. The dress is a swim cover up (quite sheer in brighter light), and it's Cejon. http://www.cejon.com/

Everyone enjoy the waning and very happy days of summer -- August is always my favorite. :-)