fancy footwork: to the maxx

Saw a tall blonde woman with her friend, crossing Kensington High Street. Leaving Mr. Dot in the lurch, I ran after her, dodged a few motor vehicles of various descriptions, and caught up, panting. 'Where did you get those leggings?', I gasped. I think they (the girls, that is, not the leggings) might have been Swedish; she pointed down the street and gestured and said something like TK Maxx (I thought that was just an American brand, I didn't even know it was on High Street Ken!). I asked if I could shoot her feet and she was fine with that, but when I asked if I could shoot her for my blog, she and her friend just started laughing hysterically.

Don't ask me where she got her flats. Cool look tho, no?

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Anonymous said...

Most definitley very cool, lovin those studs way too much!