my old white bikini, drying in the sun

Been promising my fair skinned & lovely, newly shorn platinum blond blog-friend Stephanie, of Style Odyssey, for the longest time, that I'd post a shot of my white eyelet with turquoise lining bikini (from Izrah Mizrahi @ Target, two seasons back). Here it is, drying in the sun on the deck over the Sound. How I wish I were there with it, still (actually, it's with me, in dark rainy old London Town).

My mother thinks it's a baggy, ill fitting rag, and has asked me to stop wearing it in public. I, on the other hand, feel when I wear it like I'm in a California surfing film circa 1962, with the Beach Boys playing in the background. So how do I thank her for her hospitality, not to mention giving birth to me? I go and post said loathsome swimsuit on my blog! (Mom, if you're reading this - which no doubt you are, because you are supportive and wonderful - think of it this way: at least I'm not posing in it, right?)

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style odyssey said...

oh, it is too cute! is it reversible? looks like probably not...
and you are SO nice and SO gracious! sweet photo- the text, too. :)
by the way, your mom reads your blog? mine has no idea what a blog is! maybe a good thing, otherwise i'm sure she'd be checking up on me, lol!