just the facts, ma'am

I do like a man in a uniform. And when I met CJ the Cop on the clean streets of Southampton (Jobs Lane, to be precise), walking his beat, the mood was Andy of Mayberry meets It's a Wonderful Life. My husband, Mr. Dot, was at one of the two coveted sidewalk tables at The Drivers' Seat, and I joined him for a coffee and a grilled chicken sandwich.

Suddenly, several things happened at once: one of my very best friends in the world, Sherri, appeared on a bicycle with her sister-in-law. Neither of us knew we'd be in the Hamptons that day. A minute earlier, I'd come from the ladies room downstairs, where I'd passed a couple on the stairs. The girl was great street style material: a lovely cream and poppy print dress, and great super high sandals. I was just about to introduce myself when something stopped me. Something in the way he was holding her. And her gorgeous blue eyes (like Sherri's) were not just teary.. something was very, very wrong.

As Sherri & I were doing the whole 'what are you doing here' thing, the mood suddenly turned into a David Lynch film. A girl was lying on the sidewalk, just a few feet from where we sat. That same girl! CJ and his colleagues snapped to attention, re-directing traffic and acting official, and an ambulance appeared. All this within seconds. Some very stylish and attractive emergency workers, looking like the cast from Grey's Anatomy, jumped out and started putting her on a gurney. This was serious. I have no idea what happened, but I sure hope she's okay. (And I hope they didn't have to cut that great print dress!)

I'll tell you this much: the Southampton police staff aren't just there for their cuteness: they take care of business. And their uniforms are in just that right shade of cool blue.


Vicki said...

oh my goodness! i hope this girl is ok! I hate when things like this happen and you have no way of knowing if the person is ok afterwards..
Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog Jill :) Im doing ok thank you, back at work but on lots of medication after operation still which makes me very drowsy!
have a great weekend!
much love from Ireland xx

dot said...

Hey Vik, glad you're feeling better. Just hope they don't make you operate any heavy machinery!
I was trying to keep it light, but it really is a weird feeling to have witnessed that event and not know why she was called in, what happened, who she was, or if she's okay. I even tried googling the Southampton police report and discovered, they've got a pretty cool website (but alas, still no word about the girl in the poppy pattern dress!

If you're curious, while you're convalescing:

Have a lovely weekend. Much love from London! jCx

Anonymous said...

What a great blog! I'm so enjoying going through it and admiring the stylish dressing of your photography "subjects"! CJ is my son, and while I was cleaning up around my desk, I popped on and saw that you did post his picture. I can't wait to tell him that he made it to your wonderful site. Hope you enjoyed the Hamptons, and please come back to visit! Cheryl