BCBG (with a twist)

Just before leaving for our Long Island summer get away, I saw Estelle as we were driving home in South Kensington, and asked Mr. Dot to please stop the car (he's not all THAT bad, by the way, but I am loving your comments on yesterday's post! Yay blogirls! : )

Estelle is French, and it's odd, in London, I've kind of under-represented French style, altho we live in a kind of French enclave, because all the French schools are here. I hadn't posted her shots sooner because it was a cool day and she was dressed almost fall like, but I can't wait any longer. I think she's got such a great look. And it's funny, she just happened to be near this motorcycle, but in light of a comment recently about the Sartorialist and 'babe on a bike' shots on my post on Kari ('sunshine', 18 August), perhaps, I, too, am doing a series (I am typing this with a French accent, no?)

I was thinking, while on holiday, of a phrase I remember hearing many many years ago - the 80s, to be exact. Around the time of Sloane Rangers in London and Preppies in NY, there was a phrase I haven't forgotten: BCBG, or bon chic, bon genre. Any French bloggers out there, are you old enough to remember this? Does anyone still use it? Wikipedia mentions it, more on it here, (under 'list of chics' which made me smile. There's even a 'Chelsea Chic, did you know that?) Well I feel Estelle's look is classic BCBG, with a twist. It's like she's taken the cliche of the Parisian beauty's understanding of the art of scarfs, and wacked it on the head with a great giant leopard print one. So cool. She sourced some of her stuff for me, but after all that sun & swimming, it's gone right out of my head. When I hear from her next, I'll update you all.

Don't you just love the way her red boots are so reminiscent of Dorothy's original red shoes in yesterday's post? Just another one of life's little coincidences!


Pearl Westwood said...

Ok so I read the rest of your post in a French accent ;-)
I love that there is a list of chic's!!! Here outfit is so perfect but the little red boots really make it WOW! x

le dot said...

: ) Is fun, no, cherie Pearl? I'm going to start talking in a bad French accent. That's my goal tomorrow, see how long I can maintain it. Have you seen the film called French Film yet? Just saw it Friday night on the Virgin flight to Heathrow.

Better yet: have you seen the wikipedia list of chics? C'est magnifique! xx

Anonymous said...

The French don't even have to try- they just get it right!
love the look.
hope you have a great NY holiday

Anonymous said...

Love those killer red boots!

estelle said...

Thanks you for this shoot , it was so cool ! I hope we'll have an other soon :)


FashAddict said...

love the shorts and i would possibly kill for the boots!!

Cafe Fashionista said...

J'adore her look. I think it's fate that you posted about Dorothy's red slippers yesterday, and then you come upon a girl in red boots (not something you see everyday). It's an omen, darling - to keep blogging! :)

Unknown said...

Nice shorts and boots... she does it so effortlessly

Anonymous said...

as FashAddict stated YES "would kill for the boots!"
any idea who makes them?

dot said...

Will ask her and report back soon as I've got an answer!

Thanks for all your wonderful comments.