quintessentially polka dot summer

Morfa Nefyn Beach, Wales.

Mr.D & I were walking along the beach in Wales a few weeks ago when there was a commotion in the water. Something about someone stepping on a crab. Suddenly, a polka dotted creature came running from the lagoon.

When I started this blog last March, I just randomly picked the name polka dot because it was a pet name I used to say in an email exchange with a friend in NY. I didn't really expect that polka dots would be huge - literally - on swimsuits this season. I'm seeing them round the pool out here on the Fork. In fact, my fashionable niece, Scarlett, who's 7 1/2 today (as she has reminded us quite a few times) has a hot pink one, and, since we like to dress alike (we're both in white comfy pj's & socks @ the moment) when we go to the pool soon, we're both going to wear polka dot swimsuits. And then, later, we'll celebrate with blueberry pie we made last night, after picking them in the misty rain, a most beautiful and magical, dream like experience.

Hope wherever you are, hope your day is going swimmingly.


Anonymous said...

Your holiday sounds great and Scarlett sounds like a very cool 7 and a half year old!
I'm off too make this thing called friendship cake it's a cinnamon bread cake and your supposed to renew it every week and give a bag of the mix to a friend! Hence the name friendship cake :)
I will have to try my hand at blueberry pie although my culinary expertise are somewhat lacking :)
lots of love,
Nicky :)

nycrun said...

like the contrast of the swimsuit against the sand

Suze said...

Polka dots will never go out of fashion, Dottie. It is as much a staple of a girl's wardrobe as the little black dress. Long live polka dots! Loooove them! ;)

Anonymous said...

Polka dots forever, so classic and adorable!

WendyB said...

Fortuitous shot!