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Dee, from Dublin, at Somerset House. September.

This wasn't remotely what I came here to post: I've got some recent shots which you'll be seeing soon, I promise (once Mr. Dot gets his dinner). But after a few days of grey, I saw this while going thru shots to give to new friends I've met at fashion week, and Dee is one of three wonderful sisters (more on them soon) & I saw this bold burst of black, white (on the background) and pink & thought, Ooh, what fun! And besides, it's springtime for half the planet. Which is so easy for me to forget on a damp grey English day.

Someone mentioned in one of my favourite fashion blog/sites, Red Carpet Fashion Awards (it's such frivolous fun & I can while hours away on it) that the tacky bleached blonde Donatella look is so over. I agree: if one is going to blatantly colour one's hair, these days in London what's catching my eye are stunning shades of red: from orange, to burgundy. (Which is rich, coming from someone who's never so much as highlighted her hair). I'm so not loving the fake yellow bottle blonde - that looks so 20th century to me - but as you've heard me say before, I do like white hot platinum (altho, for Stephanie @ Style Odyssey, I do understand her reasons.)

I love the platinum with Dee's colouring, and beautiful blue eyes. Then again, she'd look just as stunning if she'd dyed it black. I love that 'black Irish' look of blue eyes and black hair (which, according to legend, trickled down from the survivors of the Spanish Armada falling in love with the Irish lasses).

So: is this the end of the Bottled Blonde? Fingers on buzzers please.

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