black cat walk

A little pre Halloween special for you: more shots from my first ever London catwalk show, the wacky KTZ guys. They had some great colour, but when it comes down to it, black is still the new black.

Hair do's, and don'ts. Would you go out in public with this do? If someone paid you? And if so, how much?


Cafe Fashionista said...

That hair is fabulous! I love the Matrix aura of the clothes - very futuristic! :)

dot said...

Matrix aura.. that's good. I just dug out the thing they gave us to see if they used those words. They didn't, but they should have. Instead they said:

'The collection is inspired by the American cartoon 'Galaxy High', fusing 50-ties (??) retro Americana with very high tech, futuristic fabrics and finishes on very modern silhouettes..'

(there's also a lot of cool 'american football' inspired stuff which is more like the 1930s football helmets.. will show more another time)

daisychain said...

fantastic shots!

Style Odyssey said...

those BOOTS!!

Anonymous said...

fantastic all of that , and I like futuristic aura but makeup is..

sofiasophie said...

what is it that kinda weird blue stuff the model has in hers hands?
is it a bag?
I looove it!

Rosalind said...

Many more fabulous posts for me to read!
I'm not sure about the hair in this- I wouldn;t personally wear it but I think it certainly makes an eyecathing statement.
The photos from the shoot you did look great, what were they for?
And thankyou for another thoughtful comment. I'm going to send you an email tomorrow re- the not being able to get in contact thing (although unfortunately I was in Wales at that time, but for future reference..)
And I'm definitely not letting school hinder me from posting! I found that this is a great creative outlet (along with my fashion design, photography and writing.)
Oh, and also a thanks for contributing to my debate.


dot said...

sofia sophie: I'm not sure, I think it was. There were a few of them. I know, I love it, too!

Roz: welcome back - yes let's talk soon!

thanks all for your comments, hope you're having an excellent weekend.

AMIT said...

Oh nice cat walk done.The hair is so stylish.

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