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Last Friday after meeting a friend for a coffee & chat on Portobello Road, I was wandering round the stalls and came across Astrid's stand, Da Lata (she shares it with a friend doing great stuff, too: more about him later). I was drawn to these bags because they remind me of some beautiful little chain purses I got from my maternal grandmother, Anna, from Belarus, who died just two weeks after I was born.

Da Lata bags tick all the boxes for me: they're glam, they go with everything, metallics are so on trend, and they're SO socially conscious. They're handmade in Brazil of recycled and sustainable materials, under the guidance of a wonderful woman named Pretinha, who coordinates a group of very disadvantage women from cooperatives in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

It was their first day when I ran into them - for those of you in London, it's at the top of Portobello Road, near the large market, on the left. For everyone else, there's the website. (I don't get a kickback for any of these posts, by the way: I just love the bags, and think Astrid is so nice!)


Sarah said...

I'm inspired to make some like this! Thanks for the post! xxx

The Photodiarist said...

Fascinating. Beautiful bags. They look like they are made from the tops of soda cans.

Cristi Silva said...

Those are so AWESOME!!! What an awesome way to recycle!

Style Odyssey said...

these are gorgeous. i love the idea of using "found objects" or recycling throw-away items to make something new and beautiful.
great post, J.

Stylish Goose said...

I had to do a double take on those! they look so well made and so chic that it took me a second look to see that they are made from soda tabs... really amazing idea. :) thanks for posing!

Anonymous said...

saw that stall today when I was up there with my mom!
Right beside her stall is another young art students who makes beautiful jackets out of old business suits with huge shoulders she's really talented you should go check her out!
Nicky :)

Nini's Style said...

I really love the silver and gold chain purse.
How are you Jill? The weather in Dallas today is really bad. It's cold and has been raining all day. You were in my mind last night before I go to sleep and woke up this morning with a nice message from you :). I hope you and Mr. Dot having a nice day,

Anita said...

These are absolutely amazing! I had collected hundreds of them in high school for community service hours...wish I had saved them to make something like this instead!