say 'fromage'

One of the more fascinating aspects of this, my first, London Fashion Week, was the dance between the photographers & the models, the photographers & the celebrities, and the photographers & the 'civilians'. Especially those who came in outlandish costumes, hoping to be photographed. For this novice blogger, who had spent the previous few months summoning up the courage to ask to shoot strangers, the carte blanche mentality was like dying & going to heaven. Not to mention, so many great subjects in the same place!

The camaraderie (that doesn't look right: you'd think it was comraderie, as in comrade) that formed so quickly with the other photographers & journalists was such a big part of what made this such fun for me. It's like we were in some kind of war scenario, but in a good way, and we bonded easily. I'd see someone the next day & it was like greeting an old friend.

This guy, I just saw the one time, busily shooting away, and I didn't speak to him or even ask his name, but I just have this feeling he's French, don't you?

And here's irony for you: the word 'camaraderie' actually comes from the French, and means 'a spirit of friendly good-fellowship'. And the word COMRADE is also French, 'middle French' from 1544, and means 'an intimate friend or associate', or, 'a fellow soldier'.
(And later, it came to mean a communist). But a fellow soldier feels about right.

With a spirit of friendly good-fellowship.


StyleSpy said...

He looks Russian to me...


dot said...

Yeah, I could see that... in which case, he'd be a comrade in the second definition ; )

I've been meaning to write you, Miss Spy!! I will once I shake this bug. Thanks for visiting, & thanks for your patience. xox

Aline Dahl said...

he is cute :D

have a great weekend, dear!

best wishes, hugs & kisses,