smile, art loves you

Mr. Dot & I were at the Serpentine gallery, seeing a great talk by the curator of the Gustav Metzger show (currently on, definitely go see if you're in town) & the first thing I noticed about Eleanor was her bag. My darling father's name was Art, short for Arthur, and I felt like it was a sign that he was watching over me at that moment.

In Eleanor's own words:

'How sweet of you to send these through. They are great (although they remind me that the pasty look is not such a tasty look).

I was at the talk because I have just started my MA in 'art, sex, war and gender politics since 1960' at the Courtauld Institute of Art. It is one of the finest institutions to study art history at, so this feels like a really exciting time for me. Whiling away saturday afternoons at the Gustav Metzger show suddenly counts as 'work'!

The bag was bought at the Venice Biennale this summer. I consider myself a proud art tart!'


NoƩmie K said...

nice post... again...
I really love your blog and I put your link on my blog... don't know if you did ot the same

Anonymous said...

Hey Jill!
My friend I were there in the late afternoon yesterday it was great! So powerful.
Although we weren't there for the talk which I would have loved to have seen.
Did you do the crawling under the big green duvet to see the picture?
I think my friend and I were the only ones brave enough to look a bit silly in doing so! Many dirty looks from the staff ensued ;)
Nicky :)

dot said...

Okay, how scary is this: my lovely friend Claudia & I were there late afternoon, too! We had had lunch @ the Serpentine (@ the new cafe @ the end) and had come back there as she had wanted to see the show before going back to Italy today. If this were a film, the audience could have seen us miss each other by a nanosecond several times yesterday! (You might have even passed Mr. Dot loitering outside while he gave us come to catch up for a chat @ the out cafe with the mirrored roof).

And by the way the talk was the previous week - I don't know if she'll do it again but it's worth seeing. I haven't crawled thru YET but only because both times I was in a bit of a rush. You know me, I"m certainly not averse to making a total idiot of myself! That's what I love about his show: it's all about thinking outside the box, and designed to provoke a conversation, which is as art (or fashion) should aim to do. That, and have FUN. And this show, I feel, achieves both.

Can't believe I'm leaving this long reply on my own comments section. Well hopefully you'll see it: message in a bottle. POSTING YOUR SHOTS VERY SOON.

Noemie: thank you so much, yes I have linked you - I love your blog, love the look of the colouring (a bit like Nicky's was a while ago) & I'm sorry I didn't put you up sooner (thought I had). I'm so grateful for your comments, please do keep on visiting! xox