bus stop (carry that weight)

A blogger pointed out last August, when I posted a shot of Kari in Southampton, NY ('sunshine') that the Sartorialist has apparently been shooting a series of 'babes on a bike'. I'm not being a copycat, I promise. But from time to time, those babes do appear. On bikes.

Also been seeing lots o' wacky legging looks this fall. Could do a series just on Christopher Kane's iconic embellished black leggings alone. They're sold out, but there's a flouro lime version still available online, which would look brilliant on tan or dark skin, but disaster on porcelain Oriental girls, or English roses (hence, no doubt, it still being available). Altho this girl, with her boots, and her attitude, could be the exception.

On a totally separate note: my sweet dear childhood friend, Caryn (BFF since kindergarten) has sent me this clip. Can't get enough of the Beatles, or this song, and I'm trying to nip a bug in the bud, am missing yoga class ANd had to cancel on my friend Sandra, and it's gloomy & wet outside. So I'm playing this to cheer myself up and hopefully, you all as well:

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