checks aren't just for boys

Back in mid-September, I posted a little quiz ('back to school special', 16 September). While everyone who commented is a winner in their own right, the correct answer is: they're actually sisters. From Germany. And they work in fashion. Together. And they also live together! AND they seem to get along great. I asked if they're always this compatible and they laughed and said they are!

So what they have in common, is they share the same parents. And, of course, an individual, yet trend conscious, sense of style.

I met them while having lunch with my friend Isabel, at Jaks. They were with a bunch of cute guys, and were just so nice, friendly, happy. There's something about three sisters that generates a different dynamic than two. I love my sister to bits, and my brother, but I did wish we had a third sister. Just for that trio thing.

Their names are Kathrin, Charlotte and Amelie. Kathrin's gorgeous long dress is by Issa, and I think I saw Amelie's black & white houndstooth (or is it dog's tooth?) check dress in the window of French Connection, from the top of a double decker bus. Note that between them they've got every A/W 2009 trend going on, including the plaid. Which, to quote the Photodiarist who quoted Christa of thatsorad: it's so rad.


Cristi Silva said...

Oh my gosh!!!dude! that is so totaly rad! Dog tooth, hounds tooth, retrever tooth, who knows?? Yes you have an amazing blog! I love it!!! Totaly got you on my list!!!


The Photodiarist said...

Totally loving their style. Especially the girl on the left!

Billie Kinson said...

I love their style, so individual but works really well together. Being one of three sisters myself I can admit that it is great. We subconsciously co-ordinate our clothes... But these girls look great.