serious cowboy boots (and, serious kane)

I don't have my notes handy & can't recall her name, but this girl was SO NICE & I remember her saying the boots were a favourite pair from a thrift shop in NY from years ago. She told me how much she paid for them and it was very little. I love that she chose to wear them for the first day of London Fashion Week, and it was such an original, un'styled' choice: red plaid dress, pearls, black tights, and then those fabulous brown leather vintage cowboy boots with copper sequin like embellishments.

It was clear people had chosen carefully (some people). I noticed this woman because each day she had a fabulous look. HER choice for Day One was Kane. The real deal, not the Topshop tee. And I wish I'd asked what that guy with the tattoos did: they both had such great attitude, in a good way. Serious fashionistas. Oh my! He's wearing my friend Carry Sommer's wonderful panama hats (Pachacuti). I'd recognise it anywhere. I think in fact I've seen him in another distinctive one, soon as I dig it up I'll show you. How funny, I didn't even mean to post these shots tonight but they kind of opened themselves.


StyleSpy said...

Okay, I like the boots, but as a Texan I have to take issue -- those are not exactly serious cowboy boots. No self-respecting cowboy wears sequins!

But I do! And I love 'em!!


dot said...

Seriously? They don't have sequins on their cowboy boots in Texas??? Not even the successful cowboys?

Nini's Style said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE her Christopher Kane dress.

Jason said...

Nice to see you were covering London Fashion Week! The photos look great. Btw, the guy with the tattoo is Peter Miszuk. He does street-style photography and also shoots for Style Sightings http://www.stylesightings.com