sorry honey, still on the phone

I love turquoise, especially with her hair colour, and love this dress. Love the neckline. Not sure about the grey, tho. I'm kind of falling out of love with grey lately, yet I loved it this summer. Still like it casually, with nudes, ballet pink, etc. Some days are just grey days.

Where do you stand on grey today?

Ooh... just found this shot, didn't realise I'd shot her at a different time:


sofiasophie said...

me too I love the turquoise, especially in winter!
but I am ot very sure to wear it love it with grey but I don't like it with grey + brown jacket....

dot said...

Ah, that's a colour I do love with turquoise: brown. But agree: not sure about grey, brown, ANd turquoise all together.

But what I like about her is, unlike all the fashionistas surrounding her, she's not too bothered. It makes it look effortless. Which I do like.

The Photodiarist said...

I love gray! And brown. And black. And Tan. Those colors allow the jewel tones to shine!