don't shoot me, i'm only the photographer (it's so zen)

Okay, so far, not doing so well with my contest to come up with a faux phrase to set loose in the blogosphere, altho I do like Sid's new colour name: electric shock therapy blue. Instead, I've been accused of falsifying the truth, and giving myself airs. Someone who goes by the name Anonymous has accused me of NOT coining the phrase Underwear as Outerwear, on the basis that he or she has 'heard that expression countless of times and honestly doubt you had the slightest influence on it.'

It stung a bit, to wake & get a not so nice message, but as Mr. Dot pointed out, it's an occupational hazard and I should basically pull my socks up. And it's not like I'm posting shots of myself every day, which I personally feel is far braver, and opens oneself to all sorts of scrutiny, insults, and worse. In fact, to show just how brave I can be: here I am. Rip me to shreds, girls!

Just to set the record straight: I'm not claiming to have started that underwear as outerwear trend. I'm just the messenger here. I simply happened to notice, since starting this blog last spring, that some cool looks were springing out of exposing one's undergarments to the elements. I could have sworn that phrase 'underwear as outerwear' came out of my little old head, as I don't recall seeing it elsewhere. If anyone can show me an example of it having been written prior to my first post, go ahead: make my day!

It's not like I get royalties each times it's used.

Anyway: this is Diandre (top shot), a lovely woman from Korea who lives in London and shoots for a private Korean subscription only blog. She was going round shooting people @ fashion week, and at the same time, people were shooting her cause she's so stylish & gorgeous. Self included. And she asked to shoot me. But I can't see the shots she took, as they're on the private Korean site (if at all).

I contorted my feet for the shot to show off my lovely handmade tights, by Jun the sleek geek, who was one of my early blog friends (she hasn't posted since August, I don't know why: she's young, and perhaps school and life took over). She had custom made these tights & posted them in the most wonderful packaging, and I was saving them for a special occasion, but wore them this day to LFW. Alas, when I went to hand wash them that night, I discovered she had drawn my name in Chinese in non-indelible ink, and they ran like tears down the drain. I've saved them, and cherish Diandre's shots, as this is all that's left of their once perfectness. It's so Zen.

Oh, credit where credit is due:
sequin motorcycle jacket: Topshop. black skirt: model's own. tee: the Gap. pompom ballet flats: Topshop
handmade chinese calligraphy tights: jun, the sleek geek


Style Odyssey said...

it's always so telling when those who make rude, or otherwise inappropriate comments, use the ubiquitous name of "Anonymous".

anyway...i wondered about those pretty tights from your LFW adventures. quite artistic- too bad the ink ran! get her to make you another pair in permanent ink, perhaps? and...it's great to see you wearing that cool topshop sequin biker jacket that i was obsessing over this summer! you look so cute wearing it, J.

the jacket worn by Diandre: love, love it! if i lived in a cooler climate, i'd be all over those butterfly-wing shoulder pads, star trek as they may be! (and as far as i know, i did just coin that term "butterfly wing shoulder pads", ha!)

off topic, yes, J sometimes i do wear a watch. a clear Swatch watch. remember those?


Thumbelina Fashionista said...

I'm sorry that comment hurt...To be fair, I have heard it before too, but I do think your point about the power about the blogosphere is dead on. I think Rumi coined the phrase "shoe porn," for example, and it's exploded after that. And I think certain style blogs, like Jak&Jil, are incredibly influential in shaping our perceptions of what is fashionable. After all, fashion reflects culture, and the culture now is the internet--or at least what people choose to put on it. Your work counts--it helps shape people's ideas about what's happening in London.

Anonymous said...

"They didn't invent innerwear as outerwear—that somewhat dubious honor probably goes to Madonna and Jean Paul Gaultier—but it is a significant aspect of their oeuvre."- Nicola Phelps, Style.com

A sign? ;)
Nicky x

Anonymous said...

Although I am posting under anonymous, I can confirm that it wasn't me who said that about hearing that phrase before. In fact I don't think I had heard of it until I read your blog, which by the way I check whenever I can because you post some amazing pictures on here.
Secretly hoping you want to take a picture of me when I'm out and about: one can dream.
Love your outfit and it's such a shame about your tights, but at least you got to wear them.

Pearl Westwood said...

I think that many people can have the same original thought at around the same time - how else could we even develope fashoin 'trends'. It goes back to anicent cultures, natural devlopment and the surrounding environment. As Thumbalina says above she heard 'shoe porn' first from Rumi, but I heard it before I even entered the blogosphere when I worked in a gay bar, we had everything imaginable starting with 'porn' and also things that were 'gimp' i.e tight / constrained LOL! Either way, nothing ever excuses rude comments, and they are usually only born out of jealousy!! I miss Jun too! And I am still throwing random fashion words together, but am yet to find the perfect one! I need a good word for leggings-which-are-so-see-though-I-have-thicker-tights!

The Photodiarist said...

For me, the "underwear as outerwear" started here. I'd never heard it before you said it. But as you suggest in your post, it doesn't really matter where it came from. It's just a great title used to convey a fashion idea . . . Anonymous was taking himself or herself way too seriously there . . .

Cristi Silva said...

Agree with above!!!

On a better note. YOU look awesome! I love your crazy cool style and every single piece you are wearing. I saw that photo of you on the side of your blog and wondered if it was you.

I loved reading your awesome anwsers to the questions! I love that you have "vergin" hair.

chuffed to bits in chelsea said...

Oh, bless your 100% cotton designer socks, every one of you. I'm really moved to read the thoughtful comments from each of you - who, thru your own blogs, I really do feel are real friends! Altho I've only met Nicky in reality (& she's even more wonderful in person!)

There's so much I want to reply to each of you - will also visit your blogs, of course - but Pearl, especially I want to expand on what you're saying, because that is so how I feel: that our ideas, creatively, come out of a kind of information 'pool' - which we access when we dream, but also when we're closest to our spiritual, creative 'truth'. Until blogs, we didn't have as instant a way to spread these thoughts, or memes. But if you look at any 'school' of visual art - because visual art is the easiest to track in the past - you can see that people would be doing similar things & it wasn't that easy in the past to copy. Some was copying, influence, 'homages' - but some was truly separate people being inspired or excited about the same thing at the same time.

Anyway, it's all good fun: that's why I'm doing this blog. I've been so lulled into a sense of comraderie (sp?) & sisterhood with you gorgeous girls, that to see anyone take this so seriously, or mean-spiritedly.. I just don't think in those competitive terms, and, yes, I confess, it hurt!

But as that wise old man Rod Stewart would say, 'the first cut is the deepest.'

Anonymous: (the nice one) please don't be Anonymous! That was the sweetest comment, thank you! Besides: how can I shoot you if I don't know how to find you? Give me a day & a time & a street corner (within reason) & I'll be there, Canon in hand ; )

so grateful!! xoxo

MissT said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE both of those jackets! I adore ur blog, i look forward to every post!



Mom Fashion World said...

hi jill.
thank you so much for the award.

it's been ages that i haven't visited your blog
or i check your blog sometimes and trying to
post a comment about your post but mr. freddy
is too much to handle. oh boy, he's everywhere running
around the house which i couldn't type and left an
unfinished comment on your post. sorry about that.

now, here i am typing and make sure that i can comment
here while mr. freddy sounds asleep.

jill- i'm sure those leggings are the one of your memorable
possessions from a friend. hehehe...you will not get lost then since your name is there.lol!

have a great day ahead!

StyleSpy said...

I am so sad about your tights. Really, what was she thinking??? Why not permanent ink????


Sarah said...

Jill, you look amazing- I've been after that sequin jacket for a while myself! xxx

Susan said...

wow, I love these looks!

sofiasophie said...

I looove your jacket (topshop isn'it!) and your tights are cools too!

F**** the anonymous, COURAGE!

Unknown said...

I love love love the tights! And thanks for the shout out - "electric shock therapy blue" is the name I gave a pair of shoes I bought for myself. In regards to annoymous - whomever they are - decided to be mean spirited and pretencious. On a much happier note. You look amazing, and what could be better than that!


dot said...

How sweet & kind, all of you. As they say, (& I forgot who coined this one, but it definitely wasn't me): living well is the best revenge! ; )

And while Jun might have started that trend, I plan to copy her, and carry it forth: with WATERPROOF ink!


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