window shopping: the zanotti effect

(Whew. That was scary. Couldn't upload, and knew I'd be out for a while, as I was scooting over to Marylebone High Street to see my fabulous friend Jodi after yoga! Was actually thinking all day: what if I've lost photobucket forever? Scary thought!)

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program:

Maybe it's because the Louboutin shop isn't on my path to walk from A to B, and Zanotti's shoe shop is, but it seems each time I pass the corner by Brompton Cross, some little jewel like scupture catches my eye, glittering in the sun.

Guiseppe Zanotti makes Balmain's shoes, did I tell you that? I just like the sound of the man: he just seems really nice, and his sales staff so proud to work for him. And he doesn't even know I exist, and of course, no one's asking me to keep gushing about him. It's just become my own private obsession. Okay, maybe not so private! ; )

I don't want to know what they cost, or even try them on, let alone buy them. Knowing me, I'd just scuff them up & wouldn't store them properly in my already cluttered closet. If this is indeed, shoe porn, then I suppose I'm simply a voyeur.


Anonymous said...


for a rough idea of the prices :)

dot said...

Ouch! I've just looked.

Thanks, Anonymous! Guess I"ll stick to window shopping (& shooting) for the time being ; )

StyleSpy said...

For me, the Zanotti Effect is one of sweaty palms and intense shoe-lust. Yum-yummity-yum-yum-yum.


MissT said...

those shoes= is this love is this love is this love that im feeling?