a little bit of leopard, a pinch of lynx, & 30,000 rubles worth of louboutin

One of the many things I love about this season's trends is how much fun everyone is having with leopard prints. If I were to buy one thing it would probably be a faux leopard jacket, but I'm seeing the print motif everywhere: in little accents like hats, scarfs, or shoes. Shown here, Estelle, from my first fashion shoot, wearing a black silk dress by Harriet's Muse and vintage lynx hat in leopard print.

I love this Office 'sole survivor: leopard pony' which would set you back a mere 90 quid.

Or, if money means absolutely nothing to you, go for broke with the Louboutin bootie, (aka the 'Charme 100 ankle boot), which echoes that old fashioned concept of the fur lined boot (I remember my mom having a pair). Yours for a mere £630, or $1024.98 on today's exchange rate. Or 686.82 euros. Or, yikes!! 7,943.97 Hong Kong dollars, 5,112.05 Danish kroner, 30,063.87 Russian rubles.. and I bet my bottom dollar, it's not even real leopard. Funny old world, innit?


Anonymous said...

Ahhh all these photo shoot photos are beautiful!
Just about to pop you a verry long e-mail so sorry I didn't reply sooner
Geography pop quizzes and such get in the way of the blogging world to my dismay :(
Nicky :)

Dream Sequins said...

Jill! Your photos at the shoot are amazing. I'm definitely starting to warm up to the leopard print, but I don't know if I'm young or old enough to pull them off with the proper panache! And OMG my favorite pair of shoes right now are from The Office-- love their affordable heels. xx