rad plaid, revisited

On Day Two of LFW, Saturday, it was sunny & hot, so hot the poor fashionistas @ Somerset House were melting in their leather & fur. After shooting approx. 600 shots, and severely dehydrating, I made a plan with Mr. Dot to meet him (and, our friends' dog, Jackson, while they were in Sicily) @ the Park, for one last glorious swim in the Serpentine (I ended up getting there too late: the clouds had gathered, and I stood there in swimsuit, wrapped in my towel, toe in the water, trying to will myself, but ultimately chickening out).

On the way to the tube, I'd passed this couple in Covent Garden, and took the one quick shot without stopping. I didn't realise til now, she's actually got her wet look leggings on, poor thing. Still, love the look of these two: they are so cool, even in that heat. And the Doc Martin action going on in the upper left corner is worthy of its own shot. In my humble opinion.

Thank you to the Photodiarist, who, thru a quote in a comment, has introduced me to a very cool blogger: Christa, of thatsorad. That's so rad. An expression I have already been borrowing. No, stealing. One can't return an expression, it's stealing, plain and simple.


Cristi Silva said...

No not stealing!!! You are way to rad! Thank you so much for your support! I can not wait to return the favor!

PS I love love love this shot!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I really adore the look of this couple. They have this effortless chicness about them both; yet it's paired with a bit of rebellious grunge. So fabulous! :)

Anonymous said...

Love your work!

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Best regards,


Larita said...

i love this blog, IT's INCREIBLE!

The Photodiarist said...

Jill: Great photo, as usual. Isn't Cristi's blog, thatsorad.blogspot.com awesome? She's totally RAD.