Maybe it's because I'm so tired, but it looks to me like these shoes are having their own conversation. I wonder if we've now given shoes such power, they have become entities in their own right?


Rosalind said...

Funnily enough, I actually agree! And it looks like a very interesting conversation.
Ideally, they'd be having coffee at the sime time I think ;)
I really like this photo. Quite Jak and Jil-esque..
Those boots in particular are gorgeous.
And thankyou for your lovely bit about me at the side. It was really wonderful.


Lolitta said...

How funny! Now that you said it, it does look like they are having a conversation..too cute and funny.


folktime said...

i neeed those studded boots!


The Photodiarist said...

Those boots are calling me. And having a conversation with me. They are saying; "come and pick me you. You are my rightful owner!"