purple reign

Georgie & Estelle, Regent's Park.

The other day I said I hated grey, black, and purple together (and then, just to play a little head game with myself, I wore that combo all day - on the street!) but I was thinking, I really do love purple, especially if it's a bit on the plum side, and especially, with chocolate brown shades and textures, like fur.

Georgie's deep magenta romper is from Topshop, her vintage mink coat with red paisley lining, Alexandros. Estelle's strapless pink, grey, and black flower dress is by H&M (doesn't it look like a McQueen?) and fur jacket, vintage.

Right now, I am loving glamorous, elegant touches, especially dressed down and worn during the day. Put on your pearls, girls, and go out and reign like the Princesses that you know you secretly are!

Off to tea with my wonderful widowed scientist friend, Dennis, who is in his 80s. But first, stopping by for a chat with my other gorgeous friend, Barbara, who is 97.



Pearl Westwood said...

Hi Jill, loving these shoots! I agree you cna never have enohg glam in your life!

Also just to say I love your blog and have awarded you the Honest Scrap Award on my blog
Pearl x

Cafe Fashionista said...

They're both incredibly gorgeous; but I must admit, there's something that I absolutely adore Georgie. A Lolita-like naivette that is irresistible. She would do so well as a top model, I believe. Loving that purple romper - such a sophisticated color! :)

Enia Is (Almost) Here said...

hi jill, agree re dressing up. pears and deep red lipstick all the way! ;)

Style Odyssey said...

they're a couple of English roses in their pretty outfits! i love the furs with those dresses. IMO, the way to wear fur is to not make it too precious-looking.
well done on the pics, J!

sofiasophie said...

the flowered dress is lovely!

Susan said...

love pearls :))
great photos, too.
have a lovely weekend, xoxo

la flore et la faune said...

Elles ont vraiment des allures de princesse. Georgie plus glam-peste et Estelle plus rebelle-sombre.

The Photodiarist said...

These are beautiful photographs, Jill.